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  • Type: Bookshelf
  • Powered: Yes
  • Optical, Coax, line or phono in, subwoofer out

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Z Reviews

just watched the review… considering a set of these for my office. He didn’t address near field listening quality as he was like 10 - 15 feet back the whole time. I also wouldn’t have a sub so it might be a bit neutered. Still a sexy active bookshelf for the price (with the $200 off).

What do you want? He did spend about 20 minutes of the review talking about how pretty they were in comparison to the prettiness of other similar powered desktop monitors.

I’m not complaining I do find them pretty. I don’t normally care primarily how audio products look unless they actually are remarkable. Salk Audio has a few line of speakers that wood finishing it almost that of art or high end furniture.

I’m pretty sure the Triangle will look nice and sleek but likely the quality of materials will be that of bargain bin bookshelves.

With that said I will have to do more research before buying on near field listening.

How much is the DSP helping these because the passive version can be found cheap in Europe?

EDIT: NVM - the left one is passive single-amped so DSP can make diddley all…

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lovely looking

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I grabbed the back-ordered eggplant set a few days ago, and I was surprised to see that it’s now being “dropshipped”. It should be arriving here in CA by the end of next week from NY. Hopefully you also get yours via a dropship.

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Oh I forgot to scroll down I guess lol. Are you playing music with the bass turned up a notch? I saw a youtube reviewer do some measurements of the subbass and it looked like a roll off.


Been looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers for my apartment and was about to throw my money at the BR02s and an amplifier. Now that I saw that these exist (and are the cheaper option here in EU) I wonder how these would compare to the Boreas.


I just got these last week and so far so good, except that the wire coming off the powered speaker going to the passive is shorter than I’d hoped. I’m too nervous to change it out for a longer one. (if new to the speaker game, not sure what I’m doing yet)

Anyone with desk top/ near field listening experience to share? I’m considering these to place next to the computer for streaming from computer (when I’m using it) or from my phone when I’m not. The speakers would be roughly 90cm away from myself. I’m particularly sensitive to and concerned about any hissing or other noise when they’re turn on or off, music playing or not. Active speakers of a grade below that I’ve tried (KEF EGG Duo, Kanto Yu4…) have noticeable hissing which I can’t stand. Would prefer not to spend this money to realise they don’t work for me in near field listening.

Unfortunately no official distributor where I am, so I can’t test them out and if I do get a pair, they’d probably be out of warranty… they look great and from reviews seem to fit the bill though. Thanks!

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Hey guys,

just wanted to share my experience with my Elaras with you.

These are my first, what you would call genuine speakers that could be considered “good quality” and as I live in Europe, I got them for around €380 (~$460) new.

Now, I bought them first and foremost because of their connectivity in combination with ease of handling. They have their home on a wooden sideboard in our ~25-30m² living/dining room and I don’t feel the urge to have “more” speaker. Granted, I seldom have a need for clubbing levels of volume but it’s not just easy listening (meaning, just having some music in the background) either. And for that, hands down, I am so, so happy with them. Just sitting down and enjoying music with them is a bliss :slight_smile:

@ hiki08 I can’t tell how sensitive you are to hissing, but when they are at their base-volume, connected to my phone via bt and I pause the music; if I put my ear to the speaker there is a noticeable noise floor and at an arms length, if I really concentrate, I can hear it in an otherwise quiet room. Barely, but I can make it out.

As for cons: I would consider the phono preamp a bit … meh. It sounds a bit muddy and boomy. At first, I thought its maybe bc the 1210mk2 I’m using is just busted from all the clubbing it has done, but when I hooked it up with a (cheap!) 2 channel mixer and used that for preamping the sound cleared up very nice. So, if you’re on the fence between the Elaras and an other set of speakers, don’t let the phono preamp be the decider, as I would consider okay-ish, but eventually I will buy a dedicated preamp.

As for low end: I’m a bit torn on this one. I don’t use them in a home theater setup, and then it depends. There are definitely songs where I wished for a subwoofer and other times I’m just again blown away by the sound and think to my self: “nope, don’t need another box in the living room” ¯_(ツ)_/¯
So I’m 50/50 on that one. If I should buy one, I would just want something to very subtle fill in the low end and won’t fill in too much of the room :smiley:
Right now I’m contemplating something like the Jamo S810… But who knows.

Bottom line: Would I buy them again? Yes. Would I spend $800 on them? eeeeehhh probably not? But then again, I think I wouldn’t speed $800 on any speaker right now and as I said in the beginning, I do not have much experience with HIFI in the first place.

If you’ve any questions, hmu.
Greetings from Germany


I recently got these and have to say they have blown me away. They were on back-order which would have taken 4/5 weeks to get to me, but with Brexit I had to wait 3 months… At £500 I’d do it again, but be aware you might have to wait as well, just hope nobody is as unlucky as me.

I bought them based on Z’s review, their connectivity, size, and looks. Looks had to be wife-approved to be able to spend that much money! Went for blue and have to admit they’re very very good looking… Taking JoeNTell’s review into account added a dose of doubt into whether these are the “best” speakers for the money but I can’t imagine anything fitting my criteria any better.

Coming from Yamaha HS8s and Beyer T90s I was worried the “smooth” sound was going to be a negative as they’d be undetailed in comparison to these. No need to worry at all… they are smooth and that’s no bad thing. I could listen to these all day, which I cannot say for the HS8s or T90s. Albeit they may have different use-cases.

Overall I’m very happy with the bass performance but I would consider adding a sub in the future to add to the experience. I think the same goes for any speaker of this size. A sub would be a bit much considering I have to listen at low/medium volumes anyway due to living in a flat. Still, I can’t help but turn them up beyond the realm of reasonable every now and then :relaxed:. I haven’t been able to turn them up enough to notice any distortion.

I’m using them nearfield (~1m away) for now so can comment on hissing. It exists but I have to really lean in to notice it. If it wasn’t for my cat eyeing up the tweeter I wouldn’t have noticed in the first place. The idle noises from my laptop are louder. YMMV


Any thoughts how these would do in a larger room sometimes near a wall? I usually listen nearfield but my desk is in a 13 x 36 foot room that’s I sometimes like to listen loud while working out. Also does anyone plug these into a preamp/streamer, I’d like to control the volume from an app or something not on the speaker. I can’t seem to find the new colours in Canada so I guess I’ll have to try adorama. Lastly anyone heard them vs the Borea, I had the Borea br03 and found them a bit to bright. I emailed had Vanatoo T0 before so I guess these probably are a similar comparison.

Ordered the Abyss Blue 15 weeks ago but still no ETA from the shop I placed a special order with. Hoping they are actually still available!

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Found out the shipment is lost, not sure if I should claim on Paypal (it’s not the sellers fault but I am nearing my 180 days to claim anything). I did get a white set for now that will end up with a TV in the end. So far so good, quite enjoy them. I do find there is a bit of a hiss nearfield, but it goes away when anything playing. I did find them really sensitive to my GPU in my computer when it is under load for some weird reason ( either with Optical or RCA inputs). Also I just know I am going to lose the remote and not be able to switch inputs haha.

Get a programmable remote as backup and save all functions on it, that’s how I try to combat my chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

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