Tripowin H1 - a Tripowin over ear Headphone?

So i found myself browsing through Linsoul and came across these.
Had zero clue Tripowin was coming out with a headphone…

Now, i’m holding off for now since I already blew my budget and they look kinda cheap but after the Mele (which was a banger for 50$), I’m willing to give them the benift, and it’s under 200$ so they might be alright

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Yeah I saw that too. Can’t wait to see reviews on it.
From the shape of the pads it seems to be made by the same company that made the phoenix, gr-1 etc.
Also there is a new berrillium coated close back from blon

Ya its kind of the same story, started with the BL series and then made a headphone (more like a knockoff but still).
I wonder is everyone buying the same 50mm driver :smiley: