🔶 Tripowin X HBB Olina

Sweet combo just missing some Sake!


Has anyone cracked a solution for moisture build-up on the filters on the Olina SE? I got my pair a little over a week ago and am about to go through my second pair of replacement filters because of very jarring channel imbalance with the right channel being a lot softer than the left. I have spares of https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256802525169069.html these tuning foams lying around so I’m thinking I should just ditch the filters altogether and run the Olina’s naked with just the foams in the nozzle

you can use tanchjim tanya filters.

Mine were unlistenable after 3 hours with stock filter. Rocking tanya filters for half a year and not one issue… EVER.


Thanks, guess I’ll look into sourcing some.

I have the same issues, sometimes I don’t notice it as much if I’m just playing games or watching youtube but it’s becomes very apparent if I start listening to music after a gaming session and the vocals on every song are skewed left.

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Where can we buy the stock filters, and as well as the tanya filters I just seen.

Do I have to buy the tanya to get the filters or are they sold separately somewhere?

You have to buy the IEM to get the filters unfortunately

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im sorry wither they work o return. i buy i don’t like them i return it, no way in hell do i have to add filters!! shame on the people who tuned them.

On another hand, some people like olina with its original tuning. So what? Because others find it better with a mod, its tuning is shit? I’m curious to know : on the numerous buyers of olina, how much have actually modded it.

I haven’t modded mine and I like the original tuning. I don’t have the patience and energy to mod and A/B.
This is my first IEM and I’m more than satisfied.

I generally use over ear headphones, but decided to try iems for the adventure.
I am older, have some HF hearing loss and my library, while somewhat eclectic,
is mostly female vocals, classical and some jazz, so was interested in the Olina.
Liked its detail and resisted the double filter mod for months, then finally tried
it (took all of 5 minutes.) Now I like it even better. The mod takes the edge off
those hard piano strikes, etc.
The main point I’m trying to make (once again) is that there are so many differences between people and their library, hearing, etc. that we need to remember that every comment is with IMO assumed. We have SO many options now that the hobby can be truly fun, with streaming, source gear and headphones of amazing quality only dreamt of a few years ago. Enjoy the
journey. :wink:


I do not like the original tuning. It is unlistenable to me at medium to high volumes. I do love it with the EQ.

The original Olina tuning was a result of compromise as Tripowin was trying to appease Tanchjim. Olina SE is closer to the tuning that was envisioned in the beginning.

Anybody ever tried 2x Tanya filters on the OG olina and want to share their experience? If there are any graphs of it that would be great aswell!

This iem attacks my prtf like few others do. I had them a year ago and am now trying them again.
This is awesome.


What size are the mesh filters at the nozzle? I see some on aliexpress and need new ones since they keep getting clogged.

If you don’t want to go the Ali route, linsoul is still selling filter kits for $5.99.



I changed jobs and don’t get to listen as much at work now, so I was getting in some time today. I pulled my double stock filter Olina out of my IEM drawer, and was reminded of how good that IEM really is. I keep the SE on my desk, but hadn’t gotten the OG out for at least two months. Both of them are outstanding.


which small bore tips r u using with the mele?