🔶 Tripowin X HBB Olina

Anyone interested in an OG olina with tayna filters (+extra)? Shipped from EU. Or are there any networks that I can advertise that if that’s not allowed here? The network in my own country is not very big on CHIFI it seems.

You can post it in the “Buy/Sell and looking for thread”
Good luck with sales! :wink:

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I recently changed my Olina SE cable and installed mesh nozzles. I don’t have to worry about the old nozzle condensation issue anymore.

The cable is from an in-house budget cable at my malaysian local audio store. Got it for about 12USD and it sounds the same as the Olina SE one.

Also the Olina SE is doing a very good job not letting me looking at other IEMs so far, so my wallet is safe for now hahaha


Anyone here have tried or want to try a double filter mod on their Olina SE? I’m really curious how that would sound :smiley:

I’m finding that due to the shallow depth of the nozzle my tips don’t seal very well.

Any suggestions for longer tips?

Have you tried Dunu S&S? They’re really good for odd fit scenarios.

For me, its usually go up a size/Dunu S&S/TS400 foam for short nozzles.

I use TRN T-Tips personally on Olina.

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As confirmation, I am using the Dunu S&S on Kailua, because of the shallow nozzle angle. I liked them for so much that I bought a three pack.

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@John_W_Clark Their site is unclear to me…is that $9.99 for the 3 pack shown?
Oh, just ckd…sold as 3pks on Amazon too…but $14.99

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Thanks, I’ll give them a try.

I bought them on Amazon, but the shipping was free. Dunu had a minimum price for free shipping. It made them the same price both places.

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@John_W_Clark Thanks, good to know.

can any one give a comparison between olina se vs kailua. i dont see much comparison online i am torn between this two

Need help. The left side of my olina stopped working. My usb dac had some loose connection and buzzed a bit which made the left ear piece heated up (yeah weird ik but it happened), i still used it regardless and then one day it stopped working @-@

I tried taking out the filters to make sure it didnt clog up and switch L and R of the cables to make sure it wasn’t the cable. Sooo something definitely up with the drivers rn. Anyway to possibly fix? Is there something i should test? Welpp

Sounds like you might have scorched the VC?
If it is under warranty contact Linsoul.

If you mean that the whole shell felt warm when it was in your ears then it definitely sounds like the voice coil was fried. (was it playing any music while it was doing that?)

Got it from the indian audio store called headphonezone. It’s out of warrenty. Guess there is no recovery :')

Music played normally like it always did. I dont think i even heard any distortion or anything else off other than the shell getting hot.

If the whole shell got hot the voice coil overheated and it is dead

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Extremely weird for the shell to be getting hot without apparently being fed more power. But sounds like the voice coil is indeed fried.

It’s on me tbh. The iem had been doing amazingly. Was fun trying new buds and the filter mods. It heated on multiple occasions, i still disregarded it and kept using it… Probably because i didnt want buy a new usb-c dac and phones dont come with a headphone jack. This happened over the period of few months and it endured through that torture for quite a long time imo :moyai::moyai:. Well it sucks i lost a great pair of iem, atleast got my Tanya and it has been suprising good as well. Happy while it lasted, probably even took it for granted.

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