TRN BT20S PRO, The next step in TWS solution in IEMS?

We all know the FIIO and the “knock-off” TRN TWS adpater but i just came across this thing…

To me it fixes a lot of the things that both the TRN and the FIIO version needed, you can actually change the connectors without adapters, a charging case, USB C , Noise cancellation (though i am kinda skeptical about that), suppose to be better chipset so might be better amps?

Anyway I order mine Hopping to report back with good news


I ordered a set from Drop not too long ago, and I was very pleasantly impressed… until the right-side unit just spontaneously died one afternoon and never came back to life. I was impressed enough to order another set however, and I’m still happily using the left one on its own in the meantime (obviously not for any critical listening though, lol) – I suspect these may suffer from build-quality issues, but am waiting for the new ones to get here before I make a determination on that (should be here in a week or so).

In the meantime, here’s what I can say:

  • I find them to be comfortable to the point of forgetting I’m wearing them (I wear glasses)

  • they connect quickly to the last-used device, but do not appear to remember pairing for more than one device at a time

  • sound quality through Tin T2s is fine. Perhaps a tiny bit anaemic in the bass department? Perhaps. The only other device I’ve run the T2s on is a full-on Arcam receiver, so… it’s tough for me to critique these tiny amps compared to that beast. “Fine” to me in this context means, “good”, “acceptable”, “nothing really to complain about”, “don’t worry too much about what I said about the bass thing”

  • the USB C plug on the case has a really stupidly recessed design, and all the USB C cables I own have trouble connecting reliably because of how stupid it is. I am going to have to figure out how to modify it without also breaking the socket, because it is not okay. <---- THIS IS THE WORST THING ABOUT THEM, IMO

  • despite what the spec-sheets say, I do not believe the notes about noise cancellation refer to ‘active noise cancellation’ like, say, the Sony WF-1000xm3. I think what they mean is that they have done something with the DSP to make it correct for the background ‘hiss’ that is sometimes present in these kinds of BlueTooth devices – I say this because that hiss is occasionally present at rare times when there is no signal present, but as soon as they connect, or audio begins to play, it disappears completely

  • I am told the microphone sounds “good. Yes, yes I can hear you just fine do you still want me to get the eggs?” during phone calls :slight_smile:

Ask me anything else you want to know, and I’ll do my best to answer!

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I totally agree on ever point.
I got mine 2 months ago (give or take) and I’ve had it died recently - i RMA’ed via amazon. For me the BT range on mine just tanked, even putting my phone behind my back or in my pocket would be enough for disconnects skips and what not, they have serious QA issue, ordered another hopefully it will be better

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do the tin t2 fit nicely in the case? it looks like there isn’t a lot of room in there

Ya it should be just fine, i’ve got the 2 pin version so I cant say with 100% certainty but all of my IEMs fit just fine (Blon 03/05, Moondrop starfield, Theiaudio legacy 3)

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ok, I’m waiting for the release of the fiio utws3 and then decide which one to get. It seems like the fiio does not have removable interconnects like the trn which are very handy for versatility and longevity (that’s the most likely point of failure imho).

Yup, the T2s fit. I’ve been using them with Starfields most recently, and they fit fine as well. Much bulkier IEMs than those could be tricky, but the lid of the case has a small amount of extra room in it to accommodate.

FWIW, the second pair I’m using currently have been 100% trouble free so far. I ordered a 2-pin version and really appreciate that I can just swap out the MMCX connectors from the other ones when I want – very handy (fiio, pay attention!!)

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Still havent gotten mine, but good to hear maybe they fixed the QA (but just FYI mine only started acting out 2 months after I got them).
Also agreed on the connectors i actually ordered all type of connectors just in case (its 8$ so another 20$ to make sure they fit everything)

Yeah, I hear you… for me, these fall under that unfortunate category of product that exists these days where you’re really happy when it’s working, and hope it continues to, but don’t necessarily expect it to last for years… I’m grateful to Drop for issuing a refund and letting me keep the old set, since it means I have some spare parts to work with if these ones ever crap out :laughing:

Anyone knows if the Moondrop Variations fit inside the case? Thanks

I , unfortunately, don’t have the Variations to test out for myself but unless they are comically big the space should be more than enough (its not a small case)

but one thing I would note is the connector - don’t know if its the same as the Moondrop starfield where the 2pin connector is a little more sunk into the body of the iem so not all cables fit properly (took me a while to find a balanced cable that fit) if that is the case, it won’t fit and the iem might fall off. to be clear its just that starfield, I have 14 different IEMs and they are the only ones that dont fit

The Variations have the 2pin recessed connection in the IEM.
But by looking to pictures in Amazon the 2pin connector of the BT20s pro is embossed, so should fit. Isnt it?

They do fit inside but the fit isn’t tight enough to hold it properly it tends to fall out.
you can see a small gap, that doesn’t let it lock into place properly

I think the proper test for the Variations is can you use it with any 2 pin cable and have a secure fit, if that’s the case you should be fine

One thing I wanted to try but haven’t had a chance yet is getting a 2 pin to MMCX adapters that way if I can shave some of the plastic off to make a tight fit without damaging anything in the process

I understand.
But at least, do you think they would fit inside the case?

ya, think they would its a fairly large case, with plenty of vertical space

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i purchased and variations fit inside the case (bit on the big size thus i had to switch the L/R in order for them to sit flat on their faceplates…) and 2pin embossed plug.
On the other hands i am having difficulties in understanding the led color.
On the case RED when charging, BLUE when fully charged.
On the adapters RED when charging, NO LED when fully charged?
Is it correct?
In addition, the adapter switch automatically ON when take out from the case and switch OFF when replaced in the case?

Glad to hear they fit properly :slight_smile:

AS for the colors ya that’s right, it’s a little weird but you get used to it
and ya when you take it out it turns on, put it back in it turns off. you can also turn them off manually by pressing and holding the button for about 3 seconds (you’ll hear the voice saying power off)

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