Trouble on the horizon

lab grown coffee. there will be riots in the streets!

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Can they boost the caffiene?


boost the caffeine? they have lil pills for that already…helps get you erect after sleeping for so long. :rofl:

Thats what the coffee is for, to keep you awake for everything else to kick in.

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it’s true. however, I am thankful that I have my happy happy joy hoy to take in the morning to focus me and lessen the effects of my ADHD. coffee though…so wonderful :smiley:

After the plague i plan on starting TRT therapy.

be careful or the inbreeding will start too soon.

There are outliers, so its a matter of raiding party to sack the next colony over.
This will aide in building up hardy breeding stocks.

and food stocks…hell with soylent green, gimme human ham!!!