Troubleshooting dac/amp problem on a pc

Hi to everyone, i have a real annoying problem and idk how to solve it. Just to put some context i just bought a new nvme ssd for my pc and i started to do a clean install of w10 and then search for new drivers like always and downloaded a new bios to do the update to, but when i conect my Fiio q1 mark 2 y notice that my pc has some hiss noice that travel through the usb to the dac and man it’s really annoying, and it dosen’t end here, when i turn on the dac the hiss amplifies and then disappears but i start to play anything on the pc and after like max 2 min the dac disconnect from windows with no advice. I never have got this problem before and i dont known what to do, i already installed w10 again and installed an older bios but the problem stills there.
Please if anybody knows what to do or how to solve it i would really appreciate.

Ps: English isn’t my first language so maybe i have some grammatical errors, if something isn’t understandable please tell me and im going to write it in another way

Sounds more than a hardware than software problem to me. Do you have a powered USB hub on hand (or different PC/Notebook) to ensure the DAC didn’t develop a fault?

I tested on a laptop and had no problems, but it’s really weird because before the ssd change I never had a similar problem with the dac in the same hardware.
Now something that I have not mentioned is that I did a cleaning to my pc while changing the ssd, maybe there is something making contact on the motherboard that is causing the ground his? i really don’t know how the ground his problems are generated.
ty for the reply!

it’s quite late but i finally found the problem, my power supply was faulty and the whole case, including the components, were charge, that charge was making the ground noise and annoying hiss. i just change the psu and the problem was solved
I was like a doctor with his stethoscope measuring where the noise came from with the usb and the dac on hahaha