TRRS Balanced Question

First off, hello everyone, i decided to join after creeping for a couple weeks! I have a question about how amps are wired for trrs balanced (or trrs to xlr adapters). Or is it purely dependant on the source itself?

Its purely hypothetical for now, but its been bothering me, and the internet has failed me. If i decided to cut off the attached wire of those fancy planar takstars and replace them with male 3.5mm trs connectors, one wired TS and one RS if i could plug it into a trrs splitter and then into a balanced source (this is going off the assumption of course that a balanced source is wired TR+ R1L+ R2- S-)

Am I being stupid and about to blow a poor unsuspecting amp?

Draw out what you’re planning to do and make sure you’re not wiring it wrong. And yes, you’ll need to know the pinout on your amp’s output.

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In my head it sounds correct, but yeah! Ill do further research on the amp i plan on using to see where the grounds are on it! Thanks for the input!