True Wireless workout IEMs?

Title is self-explanatory, I’m looking for a pair of good-sounding IEMs that I could use to listen to videos, along with music while I do my exercise routines. As much as I love my Beats Solo Pros, they’re absolutely terrible for working out with, the pads always have a tendency to make the headphones slip off my head in the midst of doing anything more than a casual walk. I’m hoping to know what would be good options for under $200.

my wife loves her Bose Soundsport wireless.

You could pair the Fiio true wireless adapters with a nice cheap iem like the Tin T2 or blon-03 or similar offerings.

Seems like an interesting idea, though I worry about the sweat resistance of the IEMs themselves compared to the Fiio Receivers.

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I wouldn’t go the route of the Fiio Receiver if I were you for now. I imagine usability is really important and there are features that you can’t currently get out of true wireless detachable cables. I would go with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus which has IPX2 splash rating which can handle some sweat and I know someone who uses the Samsung Galaxy Buds while working out and he sweats a lot. I heard some people use the Sony WF-1000XM3 in the gym and do fine. Those will sound the best out of the two, but doesn’t have an official rating as far as I am aware. I could be wrong though. Both of these suggestions are under $200.

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Tbh, I would go the Fiio UTWS1 route. It’s cheaper and you’ll get better sound for less money. The BLON 03 aren’t as expensive as compared to the above mentioned galaxy buds. So it’s worth trying instead of being worried about the sweat resistance imo.

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I was thinking Powerbeats Pro (or the cheaper semi-wired variant) or maybe even the WFs from Sony but no rated sweat resistance on the WFs is a deal breaker, despite its supposedly great SQ

I have a friend who uses the PowerBeats and loves them. They seem to stay in really well when we are doing 2 mile runs together.

They look like the ideal workout buds for me considering I too love running. The pros seem the most compelling to me considering their feature set and design.

I can heavily recommend the Galaxy Buds +. They fit excellently without needing some big extra clamp because they are so light and because they hold themselves in two different places. I’ve been using Buds (and upgraded to the plus) for over a year and I’ve never once had any kind of worry that they would fall out during exercise.

Sound quality is quite good too. They’re tuned nicely, can get more than loud enough, and are quite detailed across the board. Definitely better than your entry-level Chi-fi for sure. You don’t really need more quality than this offers for exercise.

The other killer feature it has is when you hold down the right bud for a second, it turns the mics on and lets in the sound around you and mixes it with what you have playing. I’m sure other buds have this too, but the implementation here is phenomenal.

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Maybe I’m overreacting then to the sweat resistance. It’s always been a sort of assurance that it won’t suddenly kick the bucket if it gets a drop of sweat on it or anything like that. The prospect of being able to turn any IEM into TWS is pretty compelling to boot. I’ve eyed the Powerbeats out of sheer proxy of liking the IOS integration, plus it looks sturdy enough so I don’t have to be so worried about it dropping off my ear mid-run. Then again, I might be too much of a worrywart about that lol

Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1 might worth looking in to too :+1:

They look like the ones from Her with Joaquin Phoenix