Truly wireless powered bookshelf speakers

I’m looking for decent powered bookshelf speakers to go on the shelves on either side of my fireplace in my great room. Most decent powered bookshelf wireless speakers have a main speaker with the amp on one channel and the other channel is a satellite speaker requiring a wire to connect to the main speaker. That wont work for me because i cant run a speaker wire through the fireplace!

I see that Klipsch has something that might work, but requires some proprietary wireless transmitter thingy to be connected to a computer. Has any manufacturer come up with a pair of speakers with amps in each speaker and a Bluetooth 5.0+ connection to be able to set up and stream in stereo? I’m not looking for audiophile quality (since I’m streaming Bluetooth) but want something better than a portable Bluetooth speaker. Somebody has to have solved this problem and I’m just not finding it??

these are on sale and can be paired together for stereo.

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Think the edifier s3000 are wireless and have Bluetooth, not sure if they’re sets under that price bracket though :money_mouth_face:

Since it’s Bluetooth and like you mentioned “you are not looking for audiophile quality.”
The gain or advantage between the few newest versions of BT are next to none.
Dont look at the BT version that much.

Some of the speaker may not have BT 5+ on them… but it should not be a deal breaker like mentioned above.

Cheapest are the ones with “single” speaker but can be paired with many or few similar ones.
Then there are better ones (quality) with both units have good amps, good drivers and actual audio quality.

KEF has few, Dynaudio Focus 10, Devialet Phantom, Sonus has many. B&O has few and Bowers & Wilkins.

Depending again of the budget and what is the need for “level of audio” and sound of course.

I am 100% sure. This wireless design is the future we will have. More connectivity and options for good audio. Needs only power / per speaker.

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Thanks for the info. I really struggled with searching for speakers with this capability.

@MadGman: Agree that this is the future. We just need to settle on a name for this capability, as searching for “wireless” doesn’t get you there! :slight_smile: