Truly Wireless recommendations

What, in everyone’s opinion, are the best truly wireless IEM’s? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Sennheisers, Sonys, Jabras, etc.

The Master & Dynamic MW07’s seem pretty good.


I’ve heard good things about how those sound as well. The biggest complaints that seem to be harped on over and over are the battery life, and max volume level. Most people are like “they sound amazing! But I can’t scale Everest and drown out the sound of the rescue chopper coming to save me on one charge, so that’s a no from me”

I just got my sennys yesterday…holy cow they sound pretty good! Impressed with the sound so far. Touch controls are a bit finicky, ambient noise is the most natural I’ve heard! Using comply with these

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I’m coming back to say I just got some NUARL NT01AX’s. They sound really good for the price, the high’s are clear and there is a little bit of sub-bass. Definitely a strong V-shape to them. As far as I can tell, they’re one of the only truly wireless earbuds that support aptX, and for $160 on Amazon, that’s a steal to me.

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