Trumpet - what other genre's are there besides jazz?

I like some jazz, but on the whole I find it usually offends my hearing. it’s either too chaotic and drives me to madness, or it’s too shrill and is like stakes being hammered into my head through my ears.

there are nifty covers out there, like that one I found of the trumpet doing Nothing Else Matters, but are there other genre’s where the trumpet is the majority focus?

Ska and big band come to mind off the cuff. Some reggae as well

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You might like the band Brass Against

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Streetlight Manifesto is one of my favorite bands of all time and have some great brass.


here’s a question from left field. what about all the other types of trumpets out there…like long horn and short horn as two examples?

you have Zamfir who’s known for the pan flute…are there musicians known for odd wind instruments like that?

Maybe not less chaotic, but brass band rythm is maybe less hard on the brain/ears than some jazz.

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I’m dead…just don’t know it yet, LoL!

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There’s some solidly good mariachi music out there too. It’s not always my thing but good lord there’s some talented mariachi bands out there. Mariachi El Bronx is the band Bronx doing mariachi music in english and they’re really really good. Del Castillo has some great songs too.

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Baroque music has trumpet concertos: Haydn, Handel, Vivaldi, Torelli to name a few.

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Both these groups do covers along with originals that feature regular trumpet solos. I’m not sure about genre though.

Nils Petter Molvaer meets Sly & Robbie Nordub. Nils is a jazz trumpeter but plays some dub tunes and plays through sequencers etc. Some songs of his are more like ambient music.

Another great band is Lettuce.

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Lettuce is amazing, so great recommendation for the thread

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I just had to…

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Have you ever tried Trombone Shorty? He is classified as a jazz musician, but I think he is more rock, pop and R&B. I have all four of his albums and love them.

I don’t think there will be enough interest in this post to count as “hijacking” thread, so I’m going to piggy-back here instead of a separate thread which I’ve considered posting.

Regarding trumpet and headphones — what do you like to hear them through? It’s the instrument I find the most troubling on headphones.

I Love the horns, but I agree they can be troublesome. That sweet wailing does occasionally turn into a shrill squeal. I am not sure if it’s the song or the headphone. It is very infrequent, but it certainly happens.