Trusted Email Clients

Hey guys! So i’m uploading a video about this now BUT there’s been a large number of cases lately where google has been shutting down accounts over youtube comments and what they consider “spam” in live streams. In many cases it’s even been people posting a single long message. I know that personally the effects of losing access to my google account (specifically gmail and google drive) would be devastating. As a result I’ve switched to iCloud mail and my roomate is using Protonmail.

I’ve started this thread as a general discussion for people interested in sharing what services they use and trust as well as your thoughts on the subject.



You are not alone in making such a video.


I have a proton throw away but if google is doing that I’m going to stop being lazy and fully switch. is another good mail provider.

fastmail has served me for many years. I’ve no complains.

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I can say i have been very happy with protonmail.