Trying to find a song Zeos played


I’ve been trying to find a song Zeos played from many years ago (so his old place). Think it must have been a speaker review as it was in his living room.

I remember him saying it was a YT rip from a radio station video of a guitar-based band, don’t think it was an American-born band. I remember him saying something about wishing he could buy it, but it wasn’t available. It was definitely a video and from a radio station and remember white floors.

No idea if anyone knows what the track/video was. Not expecting anyone to do my searching work for me, was just hoping if this jogs anyone’s memory and they know.

Many thanks

Better ping him in case he ever comes on. @ZeosPantera

KEXP, there are a few tracks/artists I’ve ripped off there. London Grammar, Florence and the Machine, Garry Clark Jr.

Also the Bon Iver at AIR Studios (4AD-Jagjaguwar Session) YT video only exists there.

It was Garry Clark Jr.

Even found my reply in the comments lol. Many saying Zeos brought me here!.

Thanks, man. Should have remembered that. But then I thought there were white floors. Couldn’t be more wrong.