Tube amp/buffer

Right now I’m using an atom amp,ol dac ,emotiva 150, and elac unis, sounds decent and clean but I want to add tube sound. I’m looking at the yaqin cd3 as a buffer in between or getting a saga+ and stop using the atom as preamp. Is there any benefit to either or any better ideas? Is there a better preamp/volume control plus a tube buffer? Or is saga+ just that good? Also do tube headphone amp/preamp have any effect on a power amp sound wise or is it just a pass through and doesn’t benefit from the tubes?

I would personally go saga + as I think that would be a better preamp and allow you to also have more features like being able to turn of tube sound easily if wanted. There are more options but I think you would want to look used if you wanted a different tube preamp. It shouldn’t affect the power output of the amp, it would just control the volume, it might add more or less gain though. It really depends on the preamp

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Good that someone made this thread right now :smiley: Finally made up my mind and ordered a IOTAVX PA3 poweramp. Was thinking also about the Saga+. Is there anything else similar for that kinda money?

If you look used you might be able to find a good tube preamp, but the saga+ is very solid preforming for the price