Tube Amp Little Dot or other


Any one know how good is this Amp?

Maybe interessting on this,and connected to my Singxer Sda 2 dac via Xlr.

The Little Dot Mk3 Se looks not bad too.

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I can’t speak about the tube amps you are looking at but I do own a Little Dot MK 2 and I love it. Especially after tube rolling the Chinese tubes with Russian tubes. Little Dot seems to make good products. I say go for it! Just let us know your review thoughts. :metal:

I just bought a Little Dot MKIII on Saturday morning. Supposed to be a cool little amp and the price was right with two and a half sets of tubes. I won’t have it until the end of next week though. I am OTL curious.

I see it as being more of a rental. If I really like it, I will climb the OTL tree, maybe in the LD family, but more likely Darkvoice or BHC. And if it doesn’t impress me, I can move it on without much of a loss.
Win/win in my book. :smile:


I still have the LD 1+ with a good set of tubes.
Then I tasted blood and got the Feliks Euforia, which is even better. Or rather, it’s a more cleanly constructed Otl.
The only thing is that it’s not necessarily a Planar-friendly Otl, only with an Eq, but otherwise it also sounds the alarm.
For me, this is another clear improvement.

Have fun with the Little Dot Mk 3. what tubes are included with the purchase?

Not sure about the spelling. I am just going off pics.
2 X Soviet 6H6N 8607
2 X 6H6N URSS Novosibirsk
2 X voshkod 6zh1p-ev
2 X 6HM5 Yougoslavia
2 X RTC 5654

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Hmm yes not the killer tubes but acceptable.
In the LD Mk1+, the Brimar and the Mullards were recommended to me.
The Brimar is quite good as a jazz and rock killer.
The Mullard is very good for Pop, Hip hop, Rnb.

In the Head-fi forum, however, there is a very good Threath for the LD amps as far as tube rolling is concerned.
But you have to be careful, some of them are pure tinkering and wild compositions.
But as a reference value it is quite useful.

Yes I have been reading the Head-Fi threads for several days. :grin:

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