Tube amp recomendations for someone with only Planars

As the title says. I currently only own orthodynamics but I want to get into the tube amp game. So my question is is there any tube amps or hybrid tube amps that are usable with planars? Are they worth it? Or should I first find a set normal Dynamic drivers?

Most lower priced tube amps don’t play well with planars.
Which planars and how much do you want to spend.
I mean I quite like the D8000Pros on the DNA Stratus, but I’m assuming your targeting a different price point.

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Hybrid with lower output impedance.
Probably want to skip OTL, I’m sure there are exceptions.
Budget? There was a YT reviewer who was pretty excited about the Bravo Ocean with some of the affordable Hifiman. No clue on the Ocean’s output impedance, even though I own one. That runs a Class-A Mosfet SS power that all seems pretty warm and creamy.

That’s the bargain end, and then there’s many a happy owner on here of the Liquid Platinum, in a different price bracket. Depends how much warmth you want to add, I think. If you can/want to run balanced. Vali2+ from Schiit just came out as another.

I encourage you to futz with tubes, but hybrid is probably the best route to start with.

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as lrjshabaz said, you need a hybrid. best hybrid for the money is the Monolith Liquid Platinum by Monoprice. it’s not exactly cheap, but is simply the best.

if you don’t have the budget for that, take a look at the Schiit Vali 2 for a start…it’s $150. or if your budget is more, the Schiit Valhalla.2.

so I have I think its the 2018 version of the He 400i and a set of T60rp Argons. I am looking in the 100-200 price range. tube cost excluded that is something I will get into at a later date

FWIW, I don’t think it’s worth messing with tube amps in that price range, even if you had dynamic headphones better suited to it.
Your pretty much going to have to go hybrid at that price, maybe a CTH, though they don’t sound very tubey, or TA10 (haven’t heard).

I’d say look in the used market to see if you can get a Valhalla 2.

check the r/avexchange and US Audio Mart and put up some WTB ad’s if nothing comes up.

any thoughts on the LOXJIE P20 ? Z did a review of it ages ago but the review was… a z review so not very in depth.

it’s okay…but you’d do better to save up so you can afford one of the better one’s, like the Valhalla 2.

so this may sound petty. but I can’t stand amps with the power switch or gain switch on the back. I’ll put it on my list as it is within budget.

yeh…that’s a Schiit thing, switches on the back. :frowning:

I don’t think very much of the P20.

smart plug… cures the problem, turn it on and off with your cell phone… Inexpensive and decent interface… quick and dependable. Amazon has tons of them

ah yes so I can remote start my tube amp so that it can warm up while I am on my way home from work :face_with_monocle:

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and there ya go… time saver and no more flipping the switch on the back… I have a Schiit Asgard 3 as well as others with switches on the back that are impossible to get to but my cell phone does what is needed

right, but IoT is on my shit list and Shiit will never stop there bad practice by caving in and buying. I will probably cave and buy one

Yes this is clearly a case of Schiit not being shit… Inconvenience for sure but ways around it… Also allows you to turn it off if you walk away and hypothetically wake up and go Damn! did I turn off my amp?

If you can afford it, Decware Taboo MKIV, built specifically for planar headphones.
Due to my own recent acquisitions , it’s back on my radar…Happy listening, good luck w/whatever you decide.

This was tongue in cheek, and I’m sometimes considered a retrogrouch, but… This is a great idea…

I was totally serious about using it to pre warm the tubes. but I don’t like The internet of things so I would not ever get one due to security issues. also my cat would prob stick her nose on the tube if i wasn’t home to stop her.