TUBE AMP under 400$ for complement with Topping A90?

Hi guys.

Planning to purchase a tube amp besides my Topping A90. As a complement, I simply want the “tube-est” distortion and care zero about the measurements/clarity. For a budget under 400 USD, which one should I choose? I’m pretty interested in the Little Dot Mk2/3/3SE/4 lineup but don’t know how they compare.

Thanks for any advice <3

make your own Crack w/Speedball. it’s aptly named btw.

Would agree with crack+SB if you are looking for a wet sounds, have headphones that will work with it and you can build it.
It’ll be $100 cheaper later this month, when it goes on sale for it’s birthday.

Outside of that…
SW51+ if you can stand the wait/get one - but it’s a very dry amp.
Used ZDT Jr, mostly dryer they all have some audible noise floor on sensitive headphones.

Outside of that, None of the lower priced tube amps I’ve heard were worth the effort IMO, but uncontrolled “tubey” sound is not why I use tube amps.

You do need to ensure you headphones are going to work with what ever you buy, for most of the stuff under $1K that means > 100 Ohms impedance.

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I have been Very curious about OTL tube amps for a long time, but it can be a true rabbit hole when you include tube hunting. I have been off and on the BHC 20 times in the past year. Even searched Amazon constantly for a solder kit/station. :laughing:

Decided to take a smaller step forward and bought a used Little Dot MKIII the other day. Good price and it comes with two a half sets of tubes.

If I like the type of sound, I may start to climb the OTL tree. For this amp I currently have the Beyer DT880 (600 Ohm) and the Senn HD660. Thinking about buying or trading for the HD6XX’s, yet again. :grin:

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So how does the MkIII sounds? do u like it?

I don’t have it yet. I bought from another Canadian, but it has to make a 4,000Km journey to get here (Vancouver to Halifax).
I am hoping late next week.