Tube amps have no muscle

I’m starting to think that I don’t like tube amplifiers! I keep going back to my class A B amplifier. Maybe it’s because I have a shity tube amplifier maybe I just like muscle maybe I’m amplifier gay lol!

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LOL! I dabbed! XD


which tube amp you got my guy?


You can always use the tube for the tweeter and the AB amp for woofers if you’re into that. Zeos had a similar setup recently on a set of speakers

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he’s got the Nobsound 6p1. while this comes up just shy of $400 CAD, I am not aware of Nobsound having anything outstanding.

if you want to experience good tube sound, you need to get a Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball for OTL or Monolith Liquid Platinum for hybrid.

Yeah that’s a good amount of money for something that isn’t good that’s darkvoice and little bear money. And those are amps people actually reccomend

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Once you’ve heard a Macintosh, you’ll think differently.
What’s on the market is not as bad as the Macintosh, to be precise.
Sometimes people like to save a little.
In the end, it’s always the tubes and a question of personal taste and what you’re willing to spend.
And of course the time it takes for the tubes to develop.

Once that’s right and you buy a second set for a rainy day, you’re set and wouldn’t want to have anything else.

Apart from that, tube amps offer a completely different way of reproducing music that sometimes takes some getting used to.

I am happy with the Feliks Euforia, although I had doubts in the beginning and changed the tubes and tuned them to my taste, I would not want to have anything else.

I don’t miss the transistor amplifier at all and now have a different opinion about it.
Interestingly, capacitors and transistors are at a technical level where they have been developed further and are harmonious on the tube amplifier, unfortunately it is getting thinner on the tube market.
That there is less, more expensive for good tubes and a dying craft is what should absolutely exist.

Which is a pity because the tube amplifier has its advantages once you have experienced them.
And that’s why it still exists on the market, even if its share has become smaller.

A big advantage of the tube amplifier is that you can always adjust the sound without having to buy a new one.

i think hes using it as a speaker amp. if you want more ummfffff in the low end, maybe try one of the class a/b hybrids? Also what speakers are you pairing with it? the nobosound only has 8 watts/channel. that can sound anemic in the bass region if say your using 85 db speakers or larger woofers in the upper 80’s range. the tube amps with less than 10 wpc really like small woofers or very efficient speakers. and they like subs and lowpass so the woofer doesnt need as much of that 8wpc.

Nobsound class A SET not the greatest… I upgraded all the tubes Soviet Russian shit made a little difference but nothing crazy

I would have to rob a bank to buy a Macintosh LOL I lay pipe for a living 100% serious that’s my job

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Yeah I stopped smoking crack a long time ago


A real shame about the crack your days would be more productive like mine

Since its speakers check out the new record day’s setup I used this video and it helped immensely to fix my bass issues and mid range and altering the overall setup for greater soundstage and breathe so much more life into them

Otherwise consider stepping to something like a willsenton R8 Tube amp. It thumps

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have you considered a tube preamp in the chain with your Class AB? Or using a tube HP amp as a preamp? I’m currently using an xDuoo MT-604 as a preamp for my V280 and it delicious. Unfortunately, i cannot test it in my speaker setup since it’s balanced and my iotavx is not lol but you could get a MT-602 for really cheap an try that…

Lol I have never even seen crack

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