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My Little Dot mkII, it’s just received a valve rolling upgrade kit which consists of…
2 x 5654W/EF95 Jan General Electric
2 x 5654W/EF95 Siemens
2 x M8100/CV4010/EF95 Mullard
2 x 5654/EF95 RT Mullard

2 x 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk “NEVZ-Soyuz"

Feeling excited :smiley:


Once you get bored of those, try Mullard CV4015 / M8161 / EF92. I love them!

Will do thanks :+1:

Apparently “will do thanks :+1:”…doesn’t equate to a reply, a reply needs to be 20 characters :thinking:

Lol! Wonder if it is to stop people from typing their messages like they do in whatsapp. One

If it is, I approve Zeos and DMS.

Looking forward to your feedback on the 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk. I haven’t heard them before.

I’ve only got the original OE Chinese valves to judge them by but this’s what they say about the Novo…

"The Novosibirsk 6H6pi-N is a genuine Soviet design valve that has been used by many audio companies in the driver stages of their amplifier designs.

The Novosibirsk valve is a fantastic Audio valve and is the best sounding Russian double triode that we found for use in the Little Dot amplifiers. This valve has various identifying numbers such as -i. The Chinese name for the 6H6p tube is 6N6 as the Russian state that this is the same as ECC99 & E182CC

The Novosibirsk valve has a clear and well balance sound. This valve produced the best sound out of various types of valves tested in the Little Dot Headphone amplifier and offers an excellent upgrade to the standard Chinese 6N6".

After a little valve fiddle last night ooo er missus, I settled for the Novo’s and the 5654/EF95 RT which seems to compliment the 660’s perfectly, providing better instrument separation/sound stage, a fuller/richer bass all be not quite as quick as a solid state and the highs are warmer too but still manage to keep their pin point focus.

I’ll defo be rolling a bit more over the next few weeks and try the OE Chinese drivers again in comparison.

Just a quick one… in the US you call them tubes…here in England we call them valves :wink: :sweat_smile:

“Looking forward to your feedback on the 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk. I haven’t heard them before”…

The Chinese OE valve’s seem to be ‘louder’ in a shouty way… less refined in their over all presentation…the Novo’s are staying plugged in FACT.

That sounds like a tube/valve :stuck_out_tongue: I will enjoy on Grado’s. I have the Voskhod 6J1P-EV which made the sounds richer as well but didn’t feel much on terms of soundstage.

Not saying England has the tube/valve debate wrong, but we can’t ignore that they call it the little dot “tube” amp and not valve amp :stuck_out_tongue:

The Chinese ones in the little dot 1+ were also trash. Never used them again. I think from the ones you have listed there and how you described the Novosibirsk you will definitively go back to that every time. The M8100 are also nice but not as refined to my ears. Good if you want a bass boost. This is while using a different op amp though…

“Not saying England has the tube/valve debate wrong, but we can’t ignore that they call it the little dot “tube” amp and not valve amp”…yeah but they’re Chinese lol… the way you can edge a headphone signature without using a scalpel ie EQ :+1:…if you know then you know .

General Electric 5654W now installed…after listening to a lot of various types of music they seem to give the most balanced performance?..warm but without sacrificing soundstage or imaging especially with female vocals… bass is full, deep and pretty tight for a valve…The journey continues :smiley:

Nice one.

The GE’s was a tad too warm for my liking but still have them.

What headphones are you using? i’m still playing the valve/tube rolling thing and as it stands only have the 660’s to use, so my appraisals are based on them…my old DT770’s would have been a different story.

On the 58x (also the 598 for a bit) and Grado SR325e. I hear any tube change the most on the Grado’s.

Ordered an EL AMP today so I’ll pass through the little dot and then go headphone shopping next month…

Enjoy the new amp and let us know how it goes :+1:

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Epic amp! Super clean and doesn’t colour the sound the higher you turn it up.

Also, Fedex US stuffed up on their customs declaration so the amp naturally sounds 23% better.

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