Tube general knowledge + help

Hello! I’m looking for alternative tubes for ta-26, especially the 6as7g tube, as I am having a hard time finding many compatible options (most are sold out). I was curios what other tubes with different codes will fit and work. Do all 8 pin tubes work in a 6as7g socket? If not what are other compatible tube codes to look for or maybe adapters for other better tube options? So far my options are:

Svetlana 6as7g/6h13c
svetlana 6as7g winged c
sovtek 6as7g

jj 6sn7
sylvania 6sn7 gt
sylvania 6sn7 gtb
GE 6sn7 gt
rates 6sn7 gt

Im looking for tubes that enrich the mids, vocals and bass/sub bass.
Appriciate any help! Thanks!

I am not a big tube guy, but check out this thread on Headfi. It’s dedicated specifically to 6as7g tube rollers and has lists as well as discussions about the characteristics and recommendations so hopefully it will be helpful. I know that I found a similar thread for the two tube types I have very, very helpful when I was in a similar position. Good luck!

P.S. It might be worth posting your question there if you haven’t already.

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Thanks! Ill check it out!

if i remember correctly the ta26 is a derrivate of the darkvoice so any tube thread of that one should also help in your search ^^

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