Tube Phonostage Ideas please

I’m looking to get a tube or hybrid phonostage. What are your favorites under $1500? I don’t want to pay more than I did for the table. I’m looking for a list of really good ones that I can dig into, a list that is free of the Google answers, a list full of actual human experience based answers.

I don’t have any human experience with tube gear unfortunately.

Cary Audio was making a lower cost off shoot, between $1k & $1.5k called something like Electronic Supply Co. or Audio Supply Co. Upscale Audio used to have them.

Decware makes a phonostage. Not sure of price.

Icon Audio has 2 or 3 models. The lower level one is probably in your wheel house.

Project RS was about $1k but now I think it’s near $2k.

Tavish Design has some <$1k with 6SL7’s. Their flagship is around $1.9k.

I want to get a record player again but I’m not going to do it without having a proper record cleaning machine & anti static brush, which I discovered is just as important to proper record playback as the record player or cartridge or phonostage, because I didn’t have them. Even new records need to be cleaned.

Good luck.

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Look up Hagerman cornet 3!