Tube Powered Monitors / Speakers

So, amazon’s recommendations gave me this speaker “since, you know, you seem to look at audio gear”.

I will say, if it was a little cheaper and I didn’t have to pay import taxes, I would just buy it for the lols. It doesn’t look like something sounds good, but maybe it can prove me wrong. If someone ever heard one, or owns one, or is willing to buy one for testing, please share your experiences. I’m legit curious.

Anyways, this got me thinking if other companies had done something similar, maybe in a more “proper way”? A quick search only returned some Chinese models you can’t buy anymore.

i saw that on amazon a while back and thought about picking it up. just because i think it looks good lol. who knows how it sounds? but it would look good somewhere lol

edit: that second set you probably can not get anymore. that website link says the manufacturer has not logged in since 2010…lol

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Apparently, Edifier made one of these. They are selling here, but being roughly 670 USD (converted) does not entice me at all. I haven’t found an international seller for them, so I will just leave the Brazilian one from Edifier’s store here.

They even had a 2.1 system of it, but this one is out of stock…

Wow those look hideous imo.

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I don’t think they look great, I am more curious if the tubes do anything. They also don’t look very practical either. It’s probably the reason I can’t find them in Edifier international website, hehehe

that made in china website has them listed as well