Tube rolling the dark voice

i was wondering if anyone could comply a list of places to buy tubes for tube rolling the dark voice and a list of which tubes that you would start with! please answer vast and powerful interwebs with the answers i seek lol

Spontaneously I would suggest a Lin Lai E-6SN7 and a good 6as7g like Mullard 6080,6080 Sylvania.
If you want it to be really musical.

Towards SS neutral and resolving the Ps vane 6sn7 and 6080 Mullard,6080 Rca,Sylvania,General Electric.

The problem is that the 6AS7G are unfortunately becoming rarer and are only available on the Nos market.6SN7 there are good alternatives on the Nos market as well as good tube manufacturers.

would you have any links to where to buy these things?

Hi, welcome to HFGF!

It’s not a link list but we have a quite detailed DV tube rolling thread:

As for retailers, Tube Monger, The Tube Store, Upscale Audio, and good 'ol EBay

the Mullard ist a bit hard to find and a Lucky punch.
Otherwise the Sylvania is good too and a bit more organic as the Mullard but not so deep in the downs.
But the rest is okay.

The Lin Lai Elite Version you find her oder Lin Lai dircetly

The non Elite Version ist here

But i don´t here the non Elite Version.

For the Ps vane Mk 2 cv 181 take a look better in your land do you live at first.