Turntable streaming solution

Does anyone have advice on setting up a system to take the audio from my turntable, and casting it, say to Google Home speakers/groups? I currently have the Realistic Lab-400 turntable running into a ART USB Phono Plus pre-amp, which does have an analog to digital converter.

I’ve heard of people custom building Raspberry Pi devices for this purpose, but not sure if there might be something more straightforward and easy, like running it into a laptop with an application that sends the audio out over wi-fi.

I know this isn’t exactly a hi-fi solution, but since I already have Google devices all over the house, I’d like to be able to listen to records while i’m working in other parts of the house without having to invest in a whole system like Yamaha MusicCast.

Something like this?


Nope, that only acts as a receiver to feed an input into another system, not as a transmitter over Wi-Fi to other Chromecast enabled devices

Yeah I realized that after posting it wouldn’t work for what you are trying to accomplish.

You probably aren’t interested in the Echo Link Streamer since you have a google home ecosystem. Otherwise that would work.

I couldn’t find of anything cheap or that would be reliable. AudioEngine has a W3 Wireless streamer, and Dayton Audio has a cheaper version, but they are not exactly what you are looking for.