Tweeters to pair with polk tsx110b

Hello, im looking for some high range speakers to pair with some polk tsx110b bookshelf speakers. I like how they sound (its decent enough for me), but i feel like they lack a bit in the high range response. Any recomendations for speakers that i could pair with them, maybe using a crossover? im looking for a price range under 250 dolars.
If not a recommendation, i would like to know how to look for what im asking (the name or category of speakers that fit the description i made).
English is not my first language, so feel free to correct any mistake i made or to ask me to explain this a little better.

Something like this but cheaper?

Before spending money, have you tried EQ?
You can usually brighten up a speaker relatively easy.

Worth a shot.

Ohmboy, yes, i was just thinking of something like that. I wanted to try to improve the response by adding some speakers that would take care of just the high range. I dont know if this is something common to do, but it was the only thing i could think of.
Cristian, i will try equializing, seems like the simplest thing to do. I read my amp´s manual (onkyo tx8130) and it says i can adjust the treble and bass volume (i imagine that would be low and mid/high range). Do you know how i could do a more in depth adjustment? Maybe with an equializer (i mean hardware)? Or adjusting the trebble volume would be enough?
Thank you for your answers, i will update you once i try it (its night time where i am now, so i will test this tomorrow).

I use “Equalizer APO” on windows, it’s free. I’m not an expert but it suited my needs well enough. So I EQ from the source, not the amp. Amps don’t usually have a lot of frequency bands, so options are limited.

What is your source?

It just takes a while to learn what and how to adjust( the frequencies, not the software) and then you just have to listen for a day or more, listen for nasty stuff you may have added, then go back to default to see if it’s better or worse, and so on.

It’s a lot of trial and error, but it only costs time.

The thing is, I imagine a super tweeter is not going to be plug and play either.

Yep plug and play…

@ 04.44

No no, I didn’t mean in the sense of hooking it up. I mean getting it to blend frequencies and phase/time align properly. Which you probably can’t even tell if it’s done right without measurements or having some experience, imo. I imagine that’s why Zeos needed a 40min video for it, I didn’t watch it.

With subwoofers at least the sound is omnidirectional and still troublesome to integrate, I can’t even imagine trying to do it with tweeters.

Usually, by having a Speaker Management System (= fancy DSP) like these before going into speakers or amplifiers.