Two Amps to one DAC

I just got my two Amps and DAC> I have been googling how to link them together and I have read that you should get a Y splitter but then some people say no you should get cable splitters, however, on the other hand, you should get an audio switch. So I have come here today to ask which one?
My set up is -
Magni 3+
S.M.S.L SA300
S.M.S.L Sanskrit 10th MK II

Thanks, guys
You never let me down

You can just get a rca splitter and be more than fine, splitting once isn’t going to be audible unless you have a broken or poor quality splitter

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I do the exact same thing and have two amps connected to my one DAC

Will a pair of these work or should I go for a name brand?

I like these since they are solid and come with 2 for a decent price