Two low-end 2.1 sets (JVC MX-J500 & Genesis Helium 600 (specs inside), which ones to use, or both?

The JVC MX-J500 stereo set is something I’ve had for 20 years now. It has only two satellites, each with its own subwoofer and tweeter. No central speaker or standalone subswoofer.

(link: manual specs page)

amp section:
72 W per channel
AUX input sensitivity/impedance 420 mV/50 kohm
speakers impedance 6–16 ohm

speakers (two of them, no centre piece, no dedicated sub):
3-way bass reflex
woofer: 16 cm (6.5’’) cone (1)
mid: 5 cm (2’’) cone (1)
tweeeter: 2 cm (0.8’’) dome (1)
power handling capacity: 120 W
impedance: 6 ohm
frequency range: 45 Hz – 20 kHz
SPL: 86 dB/Wm

Helium 600:

This is a dedicated gaming set from a budget brand. One large sub — a little larger than each of the JVC’s satellites — and two small satellites. The satellites are just mid & tweeter. However, the mids and tweeters are each slightly larger than their counterparts on the JVC. The sub is just a sub. There is no central speaker.

(link: manufacturer’s product page, scroll down for specs)

sub RWS output: 30 W, and the sub is 30W also
sat RWS output: 30W (total), and the sats are 2x15W
frequency range: 40 Hz – 20 kHz
SPL: 88 dB

I wonder which one of them is better — or less bad, if you prefer. :wink:

Since the properties are similar in way, I was thinking about using one of them as front and the other as
rear, what say ye? The Helium set doesn’t have EQ, but the JVC does, so I could perhaps get it so sound more similar to the Helium if I could somehow nail down what exactly to change (won’t able by ear, too untrained).

I have a SoundBlaster Z (not ZXR), which contains a CS4398-CZZ DAC and JRC 4556A speaker amp. Alternatively, I could use my older x-Fi Titanium (not HD).

Uses: Gaming, classical, ethnic, jazz, some rock or pop. No metal, rap or hip-hop. Other genres only really if they pop up in games.

Thank you. :slight_smile: