TWS IEM discussion thread

currently one of the trendiest things in mainstream audio. eaveryone is trying their best to get a piece of the cake that apple baked. I feel there is potential here. in terms of feature sets and what you get for your money as a discussion. or if you just want a place to drop a review or discuss a tws IEM you just got.

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I’ve been exploring TWS IEMS lately starting at the bottom with the KKZ S1 and S1D, then trying out the QCY T5 crincale reccomended for how good and cheap it isand now Im using the galaxy buds plus I deem the shout brothers.
the shout brothers are shouty as hell. normallyIm not one to be too sensitive to upper midrange shoult most of the time when done tastefully I welcome it. this time around it’s too damn much. The thing with the galaxy buds plus for the price I got it $125. the build quality and overall package. was too hard to let go and return so this is the one occasion I basically immediately EQ’d I turned it on the bass boost preset on the app. twhich is actually pretty nice I do like a lot of bass. the iupper mids specifically 3k,4k,2k 3k-1.5db,4k got -1, and 2k got -1. I bumped the midrange up a bit peaking the 990hx region at 1 db and the mid bass region got some love with a .5 db bump @ 60 hz. what resulted was a guideray low end and mids sounding IEM with a dark sounding lower treble with no sibilance or shout speak of. .

Just got some sony xm3 tws and they are actually a sweet deal for under 80$. I would consider the sound quality to be that of a decent dd up to 200$ so no supprises there imo.

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I bought the tanchjim echo for 90~100$ . I was looking for a warm tws for sport, while not being too boomy. I like the aesthetics, the build and comfort are ok, but I don’t find the sound to much to my taste. I find it shouty, even after modding it ( +1 filter on the nozzle, +1 filter on the vent).
It may seem a bit silly to purchase a bright tws when I’m lookin for a warm one, but this price bracket was the only one I could trust regarding QC.

What I look for is a kbear ks1 or a mele in tws version with a good enough build/conception. Maybe my best option would be a bt adapter for those iem I own.

They are similar to the XBA-N3 IMO. If you like it, you will love the N3.

This mod is still too shouty for you?


I agree they do sound similar to the n3. Very natural tonality. I think the n3 and this have a bit too much note weight, but if your exercising you aint paying attention unless you are ripped and even then. And for casual listening i think these hold up. Similar to a mele except i think these are slightly thicker where mele was on the line or just over it these are a step thicker but not low rez trash etc.

If you want to lower the note weight, try the moondrop spring tips or the Canal Works wide bore gel/silicone tips.

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I will try the spring tips then here in a bit. The chu is the gift that keeps on giving lol :slight_smile:

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Yepp good call on the tip swap. Tamed it and it still delivered. Very nice either way. I was just using the stock tips so will try with the Finals as well to see if that keeps It tight and puts it in between the 2.

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Basically, yes. But I guess my mood doesn’t have the same result as yours. I have no measuring rig, but I suspect my vent mod isn’t as efficient as your (or efficient at all, even): I just sticked a echo filter on it.

Thats lower density. If you dont have that paper filter, I would recommend putting regular tape on it (100% seal), thats guarenteed to have an effect.

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I just taped the vents on my echo.
Now we’re talking!! Clearly the echo filters weren’t enough to up the bass section. With regular tape, I immediately feel the difference.
The sound isn’t really natural to me (the voice of Chris Jones in “no sanctuary here” is too clear), but at least we get some heavier low end. It’ll be way better for my sport sessions.
Thank you @Rikudou_Goku for your input :pray:

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Now you need a Y6 white tuning filter. :wink:

I shovel black a very old post because I think it’s time to speak a little about this tws.
I’ve come to think the echo doesn’t have enough bass, even with the tape mod. So I’ve put the tape off, and put on some patafix (I think it’s an equivalent of bluetak). There is such a difference that I think my regular tape mod actually lost the seal, so the iem came back to its original signature.

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if there is a difference then yeah, your tape wasnt giving it a full seal.