TWS, I've been a bit off TWS this past couple of years

I’ve gone off TWS ear buds the past couple of years, apart from a couple of sets of cheap chifi KZ wireless IEM style earphones… But I decided I’d try some Edifier W240TN, just ordered some today, got a little Boxing Day sale discount, these are a duel driver 10mm + 6mm drivers, keen to see how they sound, since most wireless buds I’ve had have been pretty average. Even the Sony wf1000xm4 which I had a listen to the other day, borrowed, they sound like garbage, say Vs a $20 IEM.


I went on a TWS kick over the past couple of weeks. I love my AirPods Pro (Gen 2), and love them even more with the SpinFit CPA 11 with AirPods Pro Adapter. It filled out the midrange, making it sound fuller, and added ever so slightly more bass. Love it.

In addition, I picked up Campfire Audio’s new Orbit TWS. I love their sound with a little tweaking to the response curve in the app. (basically, I turned the treble and bass all the way up - they sound dark in their standard configuration). And now they are just so saturated with sound, they’re seductive. These TWS are a basshead’s dream.

About two weeks later, Final announced the ZE8000. I preordered a pair and got them. They’re great - technologically more advanced than the Campfires. They have a functional microphone and the touch controls are more advanced. I haven’t played around with the equalizer yet, but they sound a little too dark for my tastes (not as much as the Campfires). I love these ones, as well, although their ANC does not work quite as well as the AirPods Pro. And transparency mode is definitely less developed. But for audio quality, they are fantastic.

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Man the ZE8000 need to be talked about more. The ANC and ambient aren’t anything to write home about but damn they sound fantastic for little iems. I was sitting listening to my rock playlist and was surprised how big they sound in comparison to other “flagship” tws like the Sony’s and airpods.

Agreed. They do sound fantastic. Not more than two weeks later, I picked up a pair of Noble Focus Mystique. The Mystique are luscious and almost perfectly tuned for my tastes. I love the ZE8000, but I love the Mystique that much more.

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I had no idea noble made a tws that’s pretty cool!

Yeah, 2 BA/1DD. Best sounding TWS I’ve heard.

Oh I bet that’s super interesting, I don’t think there are many multi driver TWS out there.

This is the first one I’m aware of. They sound really beautiful. Plenty of treble sparkle. Mids are textured and warm. Bass is present, well defined, articulate with a satisfying boom. Decent soundstage, particularly in the depth category. They’re lovely.

Can you post a price, if that’s ok? I know noble has mainly extremely expensive iems that people either love or hate.

Yeah. I got them at Bloom Audio for $359. Here’s a link.

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