TWS recommendation / OnePlus buds - opinions?

As for someone who loves to have headphones/IEMs for every occasion, there is one pair of I’m missing and those are truewireless IEMs/buds for casual listening music outside while I’m doing groceries or just having, a nice walk in the city. It’s just seems more convenient without all those cables. And here is where my topic begins because with the premier of their new phone OnePlus will release first buds of they own and my question is if anyone from here had a opportunity to try them before release like few people I’ve seen on YouTube with theirs reviews? I’ve always wanted to try apple buds but the price always turned me off.

I’m a OnePlus fan myself with the 8 rn. I did saw the buds and was thinking of getting them. But after i saw some reviews I did not do it. The sound was not that amazing, it’s their first TWS.
Allthough there has been rumours that there may come a pro version when the 8T (?) launches.
U are probebly better off going with the Galaxy Buds if you want TWS around that price point.

So would you recommend Galaxy buds plus or normal version? Or maybe some other?

I have original buds and I am pretty hapy about those. Fit works great for me and sound sig as well.
But there are like trilions of options now so check maybe other options.

Soooo i’ve found this site and i was wondering if wheter should i trust this autor’s opinion about them or not?