TYGR 300 R concerns

I’ve seen a lot of video and review about this headphones and i’ve kinda fell in love with it, it’s perfect for what i need, for what i do and for my budget

the only two concerns i have are:

-i know the differences between dac and amp but i’ve not understood what i should need and how much is worth to buy something that costs like 50 bucks

-i’ve never used a open back headphone and i’m afraid to understimate how much they let audio in and out

atm i’m using some mdr-1rbt that i bought 7 years ago, how much of an improvement i will have using a TYGR

thx guys

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I tend to listen at low volumes but well, it should be audible at most 1-2m probably regarding leakage. (when I listen to them it is like half a meter in a quiet environment)
These tend to do well without dac or amp, as long as you can push some power into them.

firstly, welcome to HFG!

regarding DAC’s and Amps…you really do need to spend more than $50 on them, but you don’t necessarily need to spend $500 on them. really, your stack should be equivalent quality to the headphones you’re going to use with it. it makes no sense to use $30 headphones on a $1000 amp or a $1000 headphones on a $30 amp. of course it would work…but it’s quite silly.

also, if you’re short on funds, getting the amp first will give you more upfront benefit than a DAC.

so amps like the Schiit Magni 3+ or Heresy, or the JDSL Atom, or the Monolith Spark. there are also some nice combo units that have a DAC and amp in them. I use the iFi Zen as my daily driver, love it! there is also the Fiio K5 Pro.

I only like open back headphones…though my daily driver, the Nighthawk Carbon’s are only semi-open. essentially, whatever you listen to will bleed out to the area around you. so using themin your room is perfect while in the living room, not so much. I also find that sound bleeding in from your environment isn’t really all. that bad unless you live somewhere really noisy, like a main road or near a subway / tram / skytrain.

I always have to take my headphones off to hear my wife talking to me when I have them on and I don’t listen to my music loud either. I can see her mouth moving, but can’t hear a thing.

ok thanks for the replies

if it’s only 1-2 meters it shouldnt be an issue at all

You can hear them! I am just doing a rough estimate
Like if you leave your other headphones lying around playing should give you an estimate probably

They sound excellent through an Apple USB-C dongle.
If you want to overkill it, go for a Sonata HD Pro.

tygr 300r is by no means very demanding and in a lot of cases can just run ampless without issues… depends on the motherboard. Not the best without an amp for phones or consoles though. looking at $200 maximum for a proper entry level if you want a good amp and dac… minimum would be… maybe $75? just depends on the market for things and how much you want to future proof things… tygr doesn’t have a lot of scaling so it doesn’t change to a large degree based on it’s amp and dac.

grab a headphone, max out the volume and set it down walk away… close example to what you will hear except a bit more broadcasted and slightly louder. Not that big of a deal less someone is actually in the room with you.

depends on what your looking to get out of tygr as far as improvement…

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sorry for the late answer

idk i’m thinking about overall sound experience, the MDR-1RBT are literally the only headphones i’ve ever used i really dont know what to expect from the TYGR

i’m kinda afraid to get disappointed

i’ve also just read your review on the official post and i’ve noticed that you were talking about audio codecs of the motherboards and stuff, how can i see if the codec of my mb is decent?

thanks for your help

edit: i’m also into the 100€ range for the amp, if you have something to suggest it would be awesome

from it’s reputation… most people are quite happy and surprised with it… you can always try it and if you don’t like them return them. We all have our own sound preferences… just saying oh I want a better overall sound experience really doesn’t tell us anything considering all the factors that go with that unfortunately.

look at the motherboard, then look for which chip it’s using for audio, I will say this… considering tygr uses those old drivers… more than likely your going to need an amp regardless.

for the tygrs? hmm… Soundblaster g6 if you can find one in that range, Fiio E10k but this is quite weak good enough though for tygr, Ifi zen Dac again if you can find one in your price range