Tygr 300R, Modmic, dac/amp help

Hi All,

I’ve spent the last few weeks watching Z reviews, DMS, Josh and a couple other youtube channels and took the plunge and purchased a set of Tygr 300r based off reviews, which I’ll be using strictly for gaming/listening to music and possibly on my commute to work via train system.

My issue at the moment is deciding whether to get a modmic uni or modmic usb, which dac/amp to pair with all this and how I will connect everything. From what I’ve researched it doesn’t take anything spectacular to drive these headsets. I prefer to get an all-in-one dac/amp combo (Convenience/clutter factor). Maximum Budget $300 AUD including shipping ($220 USD), However if there is something cheaper and will do the job I’m happy to save the money.

I was thinking of the following two setups however I’m not to sure which setup would give me the best listening/microphone quality of the two.

  1. Tygr 300r, mod mic (USB), Fiio K5/Topping MX3/DX3/IFI Zen (or equivalent, better or cheaper dac/amp that fits the budget) and probably go with a usb hub on the desk for convenience and allow me to connect the modmic (USB). I feel this option also gives me more choices on other dacs/amps as I struggled to find any dac/amps with a microphone jack and also based on youtube clips i’ve seen the modmic usb had the clearer audio being passed through compared to the modmic uni 3.5mm.

  2. Tygr 300r, mod mic uni 3.5mm, schiit hel/fulla (Haven’t found any other dac/amp with a microphone port within similar price range). This feels more convenient of the two options, 1 less object on the desk (usb hub). Not to sure how the broadcast quality would compare to the modmic usb and also how the listening experience will be as I’ll be limited to dac/amps with headphone jacks.

Current equipment:
Tygr 300R
Asus Z170I Pro Gaming Motherboard

Sorry for the essay and long post. I appreciate anyones help and recommendations.

Thank you.

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Hey and welcome.

First things first. The TYGR is open back so sound will leak from the headphone. I’m not sure how you commute but I hope that won’t be a problem.

Secondly, between those two options I like option 1 much more. I actually prefer a USB microphone that just stays at my desk personally (Blue Yeti for example) but if you prefer a mic on your headphone instead then so be it. It also allows for a lot more flexible upgrades for headphones and dac/amps down the road.

I would only suggest option 2 if you really must have a headset with a mic (or you’re really set on the Schiit Hel/Fulla for whatever reason), which considering you bought the TYGR is kind of counter intuitive.

Also keep in mind either way that the mod mic uni is a 2nd cable you have to deal with running down your shoulder.

go with usb, sounds better and doesn’t run as “hot” or sensitive.

not needed for tygr.

I stand confused, could you please elaborate a little for me? This motherboard should be able to run the tygr just fine, is it not getting loud enough for you?

To explain, tygr doesn’t really scale with anything. It gets it’s sound and it’s done. If your computer is powering them fine and it’s getting loud with ample bass, you do not need an amp/dac for it

Hi kcrack,

Thanks for responding. I’ve got wireless earbuds which I currently use to commute, its more of just another use I could find for the Tygr 300rs.

both the modmics are wired microphones that can be attached onto headsets but also be removed since its magnetic. I just want the convenience of attaching it when I game at my desk and ability to remove it to use to listen to music while I workout downstairs in the gym.

I’m not set on the schiit hel or fulla at the moment. It was just a dac/amp option that I could wire the microphone directly to if I choose the modmic uni option. Just wasn’t to sure how it would impact my choices on audio listening quality or if this option would improve my microphone quality being plugged into a dedicated microphone dac/amp in comparison to the modmic (USB) option.

Hi Falenkor,

Yeah I’m thinking of the same the broadcast quality was better from what I heard.

Should have included this in the original post.
I have this desk https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/malm-desk-white-50361754/

Basically in the door I have a mini itx pc. If I were to unplug the tygr 300rs everytime to use them for anything else. I would have to pull the pc out and unplug the cable and slide it back in and do the same for plugging back the headset back in. The microphone isn’t much of an issue as it will remain on the desk 100% of the time.

I thought of getting a dac/amp to help alleviate the issue as I can sit it on top of my soundbar and just plug in the headset. Then basically I saw dac/amps with microphone jacks and some without. began wondering If i could improve the modmic uni 3.5mm beyond that of a modmic (USB) since I wanted the convenience of the dac/amp for plugging the headset in and also If I would gain any audio quality by not using my motherboard.

ah okay, gotcha. well if it’s just unplugging that is the issue why not just get an extension cable? You can leave the extension plugged into your pc that way the tygr just needs to use the extension cable instead of directly connecting into the pc. You can just tuck the cable away when it’s not in use somewhere… this way solving your issue for very little

The modmics come with cable clips so you can just make it essentially one long cable by using them… I would suggest some cable loom if you plan to leave the mod mic on indefinitely so it’s a bit nicer and easier to handle around

I tried this personally, and the results were a big nope lol

well theres a few you can get… Fiio E10k would be a budget fixer here and it’s rather small so you can place it easily… powers up to 250 ohms and saves you money in the long run. Toppings are nice as well… I would say go with one of the cheaper options since tygr takes like barily any power at all if you really feel you need a unit

Will this cause any resistance issues with powering the headset with additional cable length?

Damn. Thanks for letting me know. That’s basically helped me decide to get the modmic (USB).

Thanks for the recommendation. The Fiio E10K is $140 AUD ($103 USD) here. I’ve just done a quick search on what else I can get here close to that price range.

I can also get the following:
FX Audio DAC-X6 $99 AUD ($73 USD)
Topping NX3 $109 AUD ($80 USD)
Topping MX3 $170 AUD ($125 USD). However theres a deal running today for it costing $150 AUD ($110 USD)
Then the IFI ZEN and Fiio K3 are at $200 AUD ($148 USD) here in Australia. <- Don’t think its worth going this far into cost at this point since the tygr 300rs won’t get any value.

Does your recommendation for dac/amp change based including any of the above? Not too sure what’s the better unit of the list above compared to the E10K. Also with other headphones would all of these options provide more power to drive harder headphones compared to my motherboard in the future?

just make sure it’s a respectable brand quality cable and make sure it’s the same pole count (the rings on the 3.5mm connector for the tygr) as long as that’s covered your just fine, I did this for my own setup when I need to do this for my cabinet, I had to send my amp in at the time so was kinda out of luck lol.

Yep, uni is respectable but not better than USB unfortunately.

It’s hard recommending other units when our countries are different… over here the E10k is like $60. Don’t do x6 it’s quite weak. MX 3 and ifi zen are probably the best of those followed by k3 then nx3 then x6. Honestly, I would just go the cable route man, save yourself the hassle here.

when I look at all the comparisons… I would probably just vote either E10k or NX3 at that point.

outside of zen dacs balanced port probably not. Your motherboard should be capable of handling 250 ohms with around only 70% volume and most of those amps are only good up to 250 ohms.

Might not bother with the dac/amp for the time being then. I haven’t received my tygr 300rs yet. I’m gonna have another look at the reviews again to see if anyone mentions how many rings the 3.5mm jack has so I can get a cable extension ready before they arrive.

Thanks for all your help today. You’ve been amazing :slight_smile:

there ya go.

yep yep, do feel free to drop back in here with your thoughts and comments for the tygr!