Tygr 300R or HD560S?

Hello everyone. I’ve been looking for an alternative to my 58X, which I’ve had for three years now. Those are an amazing pair, but they left me wanting more in terms of bass and soundstage.

I’ve been looking for a Pair for Story/open-world games and casual music listening. I usually listen to rock. R&B, pop/hip-hop, and EDM

i’ve narrowed my search down to those two headphones: the TYGR300R and the HD560S

I’m looking for a headphone with a good amount of bass that’s not too overpowering and a good soundstage. What option should I go with?

Thank you in advance

TYGR is probably a better bet out of the two given the information you’ve told us about your needs.

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You will find the bass of the HD 560s to be lacking, I bet. Stick with the TYGR300R or perhaps look to the Audeze Maxwell.

Would I be sacrificing too much in mids, though? i just ordered the TYGRs so i’m definitely keen on them

If you’re going for bass and soundstage, you’re not giving up much. You are keeping the 58x, right? They’re a good complement for vocal dominant or acoustic stuff.

Tygr actually graphs out like a warmer Harman tuning judging by oratory’s measurements.

Yeah, I will still keep my trusty 58x. Thank you very much for your input! I’m totally sold on the TYGR now.

yeah just check the tygrs in that case, 560s have much less in terms of bass and warmth