Ultimate headphone choise of the list

After listening to t50rp mark 3 i was blown by there sound, and now I am interested in planars so this is what I came up with
Lcd x
Lcd 2c
Aeon 2 closed
Aeon 2 noire
1990 pro
Where I am located it’s hard or 4 times the price for Zeus and gl 2000 so I may or may not buy it but for the conversation I am looking forward to it
I am looking for warm and V-shaped
large soundstage where imaging are also a-class
I know when there is large soundstage imaging will be a trade
I think anything that is balanced or respectively equal



No offense, but how is this a DIY thread?

If you have the AMP to drive them, get a pair of HiFiMan HE6SE V2. Great soundstage with spectacular bass.

Edit: You will have to do the openback mod on them.

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Hi thanks for responding
My source ifi zen dac and ifi zen can

Maybe holdback on the HE6SE then. The more Watts into 50ohms the better for the HE6SE, but you want at least 2W into 50ohms.

you forgot two important planars to have on your radar.

HFM Aranda and HFM Arya.

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Great options! I forgot. If you can’t drive the HE6SEs get the Arya. If you don’t have the budget for either get the Ananda.


I am very intersted in Aeon 2 closed, as I have seen z review it. And according to him the bass and the soundstage is great
Looking forward to Aeon 2 noire too

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Somewhere between a second hand LCD2C and a Verum 1 mk2 for sure. Don’t bother with 1990 Pro it’s the opposite of what you described.

Otherwise if money is no object… ZMF Aeolus for sure hands down no doubt

no, bright headphone

nope not what your looking for

aeons are all harman tuned V shape headphones so this works… but I wouldn’t say their imaging and soundstage is that superb really… soundstage is alright though

not sure why this is on this list… it can -technically- be V shaped through its balanced pads but its not an inherently warm V shaped headphone and is very bright not to mention not a planar.

not even remotely sure this ones on here… not V shaped, not warm, not large soundstaged infact incredibly narrow

Will work, warm V shaped headphone with large soundstage… imaging isn’t fantastic but is plenty passable. Granted not a planar

This or the aeons sound to be more of what your looking for. You can always just turn the T50 you have into argons though.

bright with recessive bass… not warm or V shaped so can be toss into the nope pile

pretty sure those werent warm or V shaped but are very timbre heavy headphones not sure this is what hes looking for either.

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Definitely warm, audibly hot.

Not V shaped cause mids are great

ah okay well that works then lol. One of those I want to try myself but its very hard to get my hands on one


So worth it, if you like an LCD2 you’ll also love the Verum 1, it’s great. Admittedly not as much bass texture but overall considering the price it’s off the charts value. And when driven well it one of my favourites Ive listened to, I got one from a friend for a month and now have mine on order.

Thanks for detailed explanation
Appreciate it :relaxed:

Aeon 2 or lcd 2c
I will check out verum too

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Hard choice there. Aeons are light. And super comfy. LCD2C classic big planar. Dark, warm, excellent for EQ. They aren’t light though in regards to comfort if you’re sensitive to weight then probably the Aeon.

Honestly Mr speakers closed backs are better than opens for sure.

Sorry this probably hasn’t helped but its important to consider the comfort as this is what planars struggle with most and Mr speakers is really the only one with good Planar comfort.

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Thanks for responding
Verum headphones that u suggested or not available here
And mr speakers can u link some or suggest some models
The big problem is that some brands are not available where I am or they cost 5x the price
Anyways Thanks

Apologies Mr speakers converted their name to Dan Clark audio whomst make the Aeon.

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what about the Nightawk Carbons?

Nighthawk gang at it again… [credit to the nighthawk they are warm and comfy]


it might not be for everyone, but there are enough that love it to be very vocal about it.

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