Ultimax 4pole speakon question

So in the @ZeosPantera 15in ultimax review and build video he wired the 2ohm voice coils + and - on each to there own post on the female speakon connector and said he would wire it to 4 ohms at the end of the speakon and that there was a video about it but i cant find how he wired the end of the speakon. I know there are easier ways to do this but im a bit ocd and i like how h wired the female end of the speakon and id like to do the same, because im a little excessive like that. Any help would be appreciated. Maybe i missed it somewhere or im misunderstanding something. thanks in advance.

“I did all the mixing and matching, twisting and turning inside the wire”

So this is what is needed for 4ohm load and he used 4-pole Speakon, for some reason in the subwoofer end. 4 cables come out.

And here is how he connected it, to the amp.

Haven’t read the Crown manual in that detail but there might be setting “Channel 1 = Bridge mode”?
So amp is seeing a 4ohm load.
He might have just used 4-pole connector in the amp’s end as well with no real “magic” in the wire.
OR just connect the 4 cables into 2 cables inside a 2-pole speakon, getting needed 4ohm load.

E: Yes. Few page more down ->