Ultra low budget IEM with MMCX cable?

Hi team,

I managed to break by Tin T2 cable - I was looking at buying a replacement MMCX cable when it occurred to me that I might be able to spend a bit more and get an entirely new set of Chifi IEMs, with an MMCX cable that I can use between the T2 and the new IEMs.

Would like to keep the budget as low as possible, relative to the price of a standalone MMCX cable - as I also have a Fiio FH3 on the way!

In terms of sound signature, I am quite treble sensitive and tend to prefer darker, warmer headpones and IEMs. Love the Audeze LCD2, BLON BL03, Sennheiser HD6XX, Focal Elears - hate anything by Beyer Dynamics or Grado if that helps. The T2s have also been great - but are about where my limit is for treble sparkle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Since you have the FH3 on the way, I really suggest that you wait for it before getting another iem, its a great iem.

Also, I STRONGLY recommend you to NOT change the mmcx cable often and ABSOLUTELY do not use 1 cable for 2 iems. As that is an instant 100% ticket to damaging the socket. MMCX are not made for that. I suggest you buy another cable so you dont have to switch everytime.

Faaeal Litz copper
Tri Through
Kbear Rhyme

Those 3 are my default recommendation cables.
(they are available on aliexpress)


Hey thanks for your reply! That’s a great point about the MMCX connector - might just look into getting a cable instead. Will check out your recommendations :slight_smile:

+1 Even with 2 pin connectors, the more they are changed, the more you are setting yourself up for a failure or the connection getting looser and looser over time. If you don’t like the stock cable that comes with your IEM, I suggest choosing the cable you want, change it once and leave it alone for the remainder of the life of the IEM.