Unbelievable great sounding speakers that are unbelievably small

Do you know of anything in this category? Does such a speaker exist? I’ve not heard the RB42 myself but I’m thinking of getting a secondary speaker system since I’ve got a spare CLA200 amp here. However it needs to be something very small, like the RB42, but have comparable enough output that someone might think my towers were playing, if these little speakers are on top of them.

The Beolab 4’s. they disco but available on the used market and they do need a sub, but holy 5h!7 they are awesome!


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yessir, that be them!

the mini rigs might fit the bill https://minirigs.co.uk/

These things are pretty mini


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there are many, small and powerful speakers on that list.

Genelec - pricey, orgasmic, end game! O, and pricey!


the Cambridge Minx are also a good idea, but they NEED a sub, they have zero low end. they’re also very affordable.