(unconfirmed) Blon 03 mk2 oppoty successors


Smoother more refined top end and tighter bass sounds a bit like the T4, no?
though if it comes in at a lower price point… that’ll be great.

No not really as the blons leak a lot of bass it will still probably be tighter as to not be muddying up the mids. but still have similar bass presense. And have more refined highs since the highs we’re almost non existent it may mean they might give it a bit more of a push in the treble. Seems like something in-between a t4 and the blon original though


I literally bought a pair of Blon 03’s about 2 hours ago. Brilliant.

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Lol it still doesn’t take away the fact that it’s an excellent iem

Just gifted my 03’s to my stepdaughter coz she likes B 'n B and uses shite bluetooth IEM’s…happy bunny she is :+1:


a tidbit more Info on the guy and blon

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I’ll be honest…
That kind of makes me love the BLON more.

He’s upset about the popularity of the BL-03… LMAO :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah same kinda makes them a company to really watch out for if they weren’t before