Under $150 Subwoofer

Lend me your opinions!!! Will accompany Vanatoo T0.

Ahhh, that’s a hard price point to meet…do you have any wiggle room at all to go up another $50? At $200 i can vouch for the Bic America V1220, very versatile, plenty of thump and built well enough that mine is going on 2 years w/no issues to date and easy enough for me to integrate into multiple systems with perfectly acceptable performance satisfaction for someone who does not have a picky true audiophile ear to judge.
Edit to add, it is also light enough that i was able to do the subwoofer crawl with it placed in my seating location thus allowing me to find a location to place it in from which i maximized the bass output enough to satisfy myself. YMMV

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Yeah I should be able to wiggle up to $200. Any other suggestions around that price?

If you can buy directly from JBL’s website, they have the SUB 550P still going for $190: https://www.jbl.com/studio-5-series/SUB+550P.html . Outside of a rare used deal, that’s about as much of a quality sub as you’ll ever see in that price range.

You can get a refurbished infinity sub r12 for $200, this is what I use and it works really well for both music and movies.


Go check out parts express and see if there is anything there you may be able to afford, your budget is real tight. https://www.parts-express.com/cat/powered-subwoofers/95

Honestly when i purchased that Bic sub. I had every intention of Simply putting it under the girlfriend’s desk to complement her Klipsch R-15PM’s and call it a day. She doesn’t ask for much and only plays youtube videos so i figured it was a reasonable expenditure. Well, i fiddled with the sub a bit and was stupidly surprised at how much i really liked it and how extremely versatile it is, despite doing head -to -head comparisons with my monolith thx 12’s, since there was NO friggin way i was carrying a 100lb+ sub up the stairs to where i wanted it, the Bic worked its way into my system and has remained there for 2 years thumping along pleasantly…

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