Under $250 desktop speakers to pair with loxjie A30?

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Looking for recommendations for speakers to pair with the Loxjie A30. Have been using a set of powered Edifier r1280ts, and wanted to switch my desktop setup around. Similar Dimensions to the Edifier would be great, but is not mandatory, and they will be pretty close to the wall. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Edifier Dimensions - 5.7 x 9.5 x 7"

emotiva b1+ are $222 plus winter sale makes them 200


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take a look at the Swans OS-10 that Z raves about here:

he says get them before it’s too late and…it may be too late as I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

Yep it’s to late and I think Z said it’ll be another couple of months before more stock.

could be worth waiting for or watching for some to come up on r/avexchange or US Audio Mart.

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Thanks for the Welcome/ Recommendation! Funny enough I was about to pick those up just out of curiosity not too long ago. Looks like I missed out BIG haha! For this case, I’d really be looking for a passive set to go with the A30 though. Would love to hear anything else you have in mind!

Very good deal on those, definitely seems like a great pick from the bit of research I did. Just curious, any reason that’s your first choice? Would love to hear anything else you think would work as well!

everyone says theyre detail beasts, build looks great and those amt tweeter are intriguing. sounds very airy as well. hmm i have the sony sscs5 with the a30 for nearfields desktop set up and they sound pretty good for the price.

yes, the Emotiva are popular too.

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The Fluance HiFi 2 are front ported so you can back them up against the wall. They are not ultra-efficient for that smaller amp, but you are using them in a desktop environment so I think they will be fine. Fluance has always been pretty good to deal with buying direct, if you don’t like them, I’m sure a return will be easy.

HFSW Signature HiFi Two-way Bookshelf Surround Sound Speakers | Fluance

Update: Decided to go with the Emotiva B1+. Have been messing with them all day, all I have to say is WOW. Like it really is a night and day difference between these and the edifiers. The B1’s are simply a better speaker haha. The detail really is awesome on these, just like every review says, but I think the bass they put out honestly gets downplayed, plenty of it and CLEAN. And to top it all off, powered them with no issues with the loxjie A30 which is not a powerhouse amp.

Highly recommend if your looking for something in this range!

Thank for the help!


glad you like em! for the price they were the perfect speaker for your budget of under 250. now next in terms of upgrade maybe look into adding a sub to go in the full size sub out in your loxjie a30. i recommend the rsl speedwoofer 10s mkii. check out nemo propoganda for subwoofer reviews.

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Anyone know what the bit depth and sample rate OS-10 supports? Cant find any specs about it. No DAC info either.