Under $500 Speaker Amp in 2020 w/ Remote

Hey Everyone,

I’m finishing up a pair of DIY Samba MT Bookshelves as a summer project. They will be going in front of my TV and now I need to find an amp that preferably has a remote with at least two RCA inputs. This will be my first introduction into the bookshelf world and I’m curious if they’re any go to amp recommendations at this price point.

Speaker Specs
87 dB 1W/1m
4 ohms
70 watts RMS / 140 max

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So i would consider an Emotiva a 150($300) power amp and then any receiver/pre amp/volume control with a remote. Some dacs even have volume control and remote. The power amp will set you up with plenty of power and will sound great. As long as your volume control source has a pre out, you hook that to your power amp inputs.

Probably this:

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