Uni fi uf5 ? Better then rb42 or the b6.2?

Hi guys !!! Anybody had listen the uni5 uf5 the towers??? I have the b6.2 and I’m feeling something missing… I don’t know but I enjoy more the rb42… a have a good dac and a 50 wpc amp the loxjie… do anybody think the uni fi uf5 are a big improvement on my gear??? Thnxs

yes, but not with that amp. uni’s need juice to be good, they are inefficient.

I think the uf5 would be an upgrade, but I also think you would want to upgrade your amp as well imo

I have the 6.2 Towers and they are pretty darn good. I think you need more juice.

Thanks guys… I have an old Sansui au 9000a… 80wpc 8ohms i don’t know he value for 4 ohms… I try this amp… what amp do you recommend… ??? I thinking about buying the iota vx combo… do you think this amp will be an great upgrade or just one step up?

that would drive the bookshelf ones fine, might struggle a little with the floorstander.