Unique Melody Mest

Crazy driver config :open_mouth:

My :eyes:’s on this…

  1. Looks good, wearing feels good.
  2. Poor cables.
  3. Smooth sound, wide stage, near perfect tone balance.
  4. Nothing bothers my ears, not pitching high - not too much basses.
  5. Over $2,000 IEM league sound.

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This might well be what I’ve been looking for?..a Z1R and A8000 love child with a good fit.

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Tyler from the Headphone Show live streams loves his. We were chatting about them. He said his Andromeda’s were great but the MEST was his personal #1

I think it was during this stream…

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Oh no, my wallet is gonna cry…

Thank you or the podcast link mate most interesting :+1:

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ARGH! Another IEM on top of the list.

Andromeda, Sony IER Z1R, UM MEST Decisions…

A used mint set of Andro’s circa $600 are well worth it imho…Z1R’s no way i’m in unless I try a pair fit wise…otherwise the MEST and A8000’s are defo on the radar.

I have time. I need to recover from the hit I’ve taken from COVID, but I’ve decided I’m holding out on any future IEM purchases for the time being. The next one I plan to purchase will be a big one.

If I go the Andromeda route, I want the 2020 version. I’m not afraid to spend the money to get the IEM I think I’ll love the most. Hey I’m having fun with the chase.

The UM MEST was not on my radar until Tyler told me it had become his favorite IEM.

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Me too I have tickets rolled over for me and my good lady for next years London Canjam…hope to meet up with some of the you HFGF guys and a few of the Head-Fi crew too, to try some tempting IEM :gem:’s


Sweet! I’d love to go to a Can Jam, but the closest for me is in New York City and I HATE the city. I refuse to get anywhere near it.

Maybe someday tho, away from New York. That’s for sure.


Man what is it with the JP tuning and now the ROTW take?..ffs UM stand by your tuning principals and philosophies.
Get recognition for the product first then maybe like Campfire did with Andro’s release a JP tweaked LTD version or in this case a ROTW set.
It just annoys me and muddies the waters when it comes purchasing…what set ya gonna get? :rage:

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Thanks for the graphs @hawaiibadboy but I went for the Z1R’s in the end (which should arrive today :crossed_fingers:) as I’m not prepared to gamble on both tuning and possible qc issues with the MEST.
You order a Z1R and you know exactly what you’re getting, a tried and tested Sony product :+1:

These have been out for 6 months and were flying under radar…it blows my fucking mind. The replay on these are peerless.

Enjoy the Sony!

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Hopefully they will be at audio shows whenever those start happening again. I’d definitely buy them now, but already purchased the Legend X, so probably should wait on buying a new set.