Unoffical what's it worth thread

purpose of this is to ask for street value of audio gear you 're looking to sell.

I’ll start. I have the B&O Beoplay s8 and I haven’t used them in about 4 years. they’re just sitting in their box.

I’m open to selling them, but looking more for a street value I can ask trades for.

no traction? everyone knows the worth of what they got?

…arrogant fools. LoL! :wink:

Go on and search for them there. If there are none, you can click the tab for old/expired sales and see the prices.


I might be looking to unload my Audio-gd R-28 R-2R balanced DAC-amp. I bought it used in Nov of 2019. Any thoughts on what I could get for it? Could be a small hassle to ship. I would likely ship in the USA only.