Unusual/Unique Artists You're Listening to?

Listening through Ola Kvernberg - Steamdome right now. Saw them live last november where they performed the album (and then some) live. The concert lasted 2 hours or so, and guys on drums/rhythm really had a workout :slight_smile:

You can listen to steamdome on Spotify, and their other albums, although i think steamdome is where they are at their best, but youre mileage may vary

First 2 songs performed live here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S45cJ-Tc7vA

Also, would recommend a listen to “The low frequency in stereo”, especially their debut album with the same name. Its rather lo-fi progrock but they has quite a few strong melodies. They are a local band, so i’ve seen them a few times live and they always put on a good show.

If it’s about “unique” the first thing that comes to mind is the Canadian duo Elsiane (Elsieanne Caplette + Stephane Sotto) and their fusion of electronica, jazz and symphonic:

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Currently lots of black ambient and ritualistic music. Typically lots of reggae and dub, classic punk, 80’s & 90’s alt, some metal and a touch of jazz.

I worship The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cramps, Clash, Bad Brains and Sonic Youth.

These are current obsessions:



Vril Jäger


Osi and Jupiter



They don’t like to categorize their music into existing genres, but from existing reviews the description is something like: Thai funk inspired surf soul / psychedelic rock. Mostly instrumental, but they did cautiously add a few lyrics here and there (none are trained vocalists).

They have a new album announced for July on their Bandcamp: http://khruangbin.bandcamp.com


The Comet is Coming; self-described “Apocalyptic Space Funk,” aka 3 dudes from Brooklyn and one brought a sax.


Here’s something you don’t hear every day: the jazz-instrumental reframing by Jan Garbarek of some medieval Norwegian songs performed by Agnes Buen Garnås on vocals:

A couple of tracks are so out there I can’t really make myself listen to them, but most are good, and a couple are so good I could’ve easily seen them used as intros for trailers or episodes of “Vikings”, e.g.:


Only listened to a few of their tracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTrHwH2gEY8

I like what I’m hearing. Going through their discography now. :+1:

I enjoy Bernard Adamus. It’s blues from Quebec: http://bernardadamus.bandcamp.com/album/cqui-nous-reste-du-texas

Spacemen 3 (they’re a band).

Their 1988 ‘The Nephilim’ album is goth good…sorry can’t link the whole album :grimacing:

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Warning: Do not watch this if you have epilepsy

Matmos’s Plastic Anniversary album is a really interesting listen and produced pretty well. The sounds are mostly comprised of, you guessed it, plastic. Definitely some strange yet interesting music. Their Ultimate Care II album is great as well, as long as you like the sounds of washing machines.

Just had a listen to plastic Anniversary. …was rather interesting if nothing else. I was most struck by the high production quality lol. The opening track “Breaking Bread” actually has a music video. Apparently the title originates from how they sampled the sounds of breaking vinyl records by a band named “Bread”.

My favorite track is definitely “The Crying Pill” https://youtu.be/ltNwzJSsSPo


This album will give your cans a workout…

I’m not sure if anyone will call them unusual, but they’re definitely far from mainstream. Hooverphonic & Johnny Hollow are two that come to mind right away.