Upgrade blackshark v2x to?

Hello,i am using blackshark v2x with asus xonar ae.but the clamp force is too high for me and pads donot completely cover my big ears,thus feel very uncomfortable when playing for long session.
I play both single player and multiplayer games.
At first i thought of upgrading to mh752,but now thinking of buying a better headphone.
I already have asus xonar ae sound card and i want to pair it with any closed back headphone that has very good bass for fun and immersion,and also acceptable soundstage and imaging.plus comfort is priority for my big ears.dont want open back as i need isolation
At my place (india)price of some popular headphones is very high than it should be at present.example,here x2hr is costlier than sundara.
anyways ,should i upgrade to mh752 or blackshark v2(rtings show v2’s have less clamp than v2x) or go for better like dt770 pro 32 or 80 ohm with asus xonar ae,dont know how comfortable 770 pro are.budget is 15000inr or 200usd without including mic.thanks.