Upgrade for my Aging setup

So im looking to upgrade my now 20-21 year old music setup. Yes its old yet its lasted this long haha. So im unsure on what to upgrade first my towers or my amp, id like to upgrade both in time but will have to do one at a time. I am currently using for my towers some sony ss-mf450h which I wont lie sound pretty decent. To power them im using a sony ta-fe530. The towers are 20years old the amp 21 years old. They both work perfectly well but tech has gone along way and they are showing age. I mean the setup fills my room with sound plenty and even without a sub things get shaking, (my sub died :frowning:). I had some wharfdale valdus 500s which were even older but had to retire them due to the surrounds simply rotting away.

Im looking for much better sound quality and maybe loudness but quality over pure oomph. Budget is pretty medium but it all depends. As for amp im looking into 5.1 but will only use 2.0 or 2.1 for a bit till i can afford more speakers. 4k hdmi is needed due to 4k tv so i dont have to use bluetooth dongle anymore. This is in UK too so maybe around £300-500 budget atm for one (towers or amp) amp atm is plenty powerfull and my towers cant handly half the power it can give out.

Thanks :smiley:

Hmmm, would you perhaps be able to actually keep your amp? If your tv had optical you could get a dac like the smsl m100, and have more budget for your speakers

hmm i could but I dunno how long its got left. 21 years old but it is built quite sturdy. Although i do abuse it abit but yeah i guess I could use optical to a dac. That goes to rca? As thats the only inputs it has. But yes J dont really need any video signal passing through the amp atm. But would that amp be good enough for most speakers? It does say it will pump out 110w at 4ohm (quite low haha). But dunno at what THC.

Yes the m100 is rca.

The sony is still going to be a solid preformer imo. I do think that you could get better for 500 for sure, but for now it would actually do pretty well. I think getting better speakers would do more for you at the moment imo

What do you listen to?

Awesome nice to know ive got a solid amp. Urm it changes alot but LOFI is nice to chill to but then its Heavy rock and sometives very bass heavy songs so pretty much everything but classical. Im weird haha

Do you have treble sensitivity or easily get listening fatigue?

Which aspects of speakers do you prioritize or looking for?

No worries lol, I listen to almost everything as well

So first I am going to list a few that might not be in your budget but if you could find a deal would be awesome:

If you could find them on a sale, the Klipsch RP-8000F sound up your alley, but I am not sure about pricing

Something else awesome but pricey is the KLH Kendall, real sweet stuff.

Now perhaps something more realistic:

The Monitor Audio Bronze 6 is fairly punchy and smoother, pretty enjoyable

I think the KEF Q550 may be in your range but it might be a bit too treble heavy but they do have some low end grunt at times


If you go the Klipsch route, I would suggest keeping an eye on Adorama. They frequently have sales and depending on your state, no tax or shipping.
I landed my towers for $699.

They have adorama in the UK?

Oops. My message was in between a student activity.
Hence my “depending on state” statement, wouldn’t make sense.

Just verified. They actually ship internationally, but you will definitely pay extra for fees

Awesome thanks guys and yeah im fine for treble I dont mind it but I do like bass. As long as its nice sounding treble im fine haha. So is it mainly speakers that improve sound quality and not the amp? As I was thinking a newer amp means better sound but i guess not haha. Ill look at these and see wat pricing there is on them over here.

Also no I don’t get listening fatigue, I mean im basically listening to music 24/7 so yeah no haha

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So speakers will make the bigger difference, but an amp will def improve the sound. I just think that getting the best speakers you can atm and getting a better amp down the line might be more rewarding atm. A higher end amp will give better sound, but the speakers will make more of a difference. You can look for a better amp once you get the funds again down the line


Are there any shops near you that allow you to listen to different setups? Even ideally at your own home?

Yeah that makes sense, thanks alot. Im just getting really into audio but not got too much money lol. Want to use my stero system more but I seem to use my headphones more just due to highs being nicer to hear.

Doubt at my home but there is a richersounds nearish to me where they have a demo room. But not sure what its like.

I would def go check it out, you can really listen to what’s out there. Just don’t let them sell you anything lol, you might end up with not a great deal

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I see when I can check it out as its like 1h away from where I live, see what they got on demo. Dunno anywhere else that does it tho.

Just looking though those speakers are very nice haha they are quite a bit out of price range. In uk most of them are over £1000 and the cheaper ones are £700. Would u advise waiting and saving up for them? Or choose something cheaper