Upgrade for my head

So here we go: I currently own my 58x, 4xx, Helios on its way someday and my OG nighthawks. I like them all… looking to go larger sound though… I was going to buy the Elex but waiting until September is a little crazy. I am thinking of or curious about the Audeze LCD2 classic because I feel it would be a step up from 4xx. Curious of the Andover audio pm-50 as well, (It is new after all) Not that much out there on those. Also the focal Elear being Dynamic and a step up (or 2) from the 58x… as for the Hawks… Well we all know they are one of a kind…

Music is all over the place with Classic rock, some country, some classical, Blues, Jazz, some Pop and I have a extensive collection of “Solitudes” which is Nature put to music.

I am kind of open to choices like Ananda, Sundara, Drop edition xx etc… Just want larger more impactful (not necessarily Bassy) but the experience of larger so to speak.

Should mention I would be running them off my Asgard 3

IMO if you are going for an upgrade for the 4xx, the sundara is pretty dang nice

IMO I would avoid the elear, and instead go for an elex, but they are on backorder atm

For what you are going, I am leaning towards something like the edition xx or the lcd 2 imo (not classic), it will have a more grand and large presentation, and more impact than you are used to

Lcd 2 is definitely a bunch more money then the classic… Edition xx is currently not available either. May I ask do you have any info on the Alara from Brainwavz? just saw that one too… At one point I was definitely thinking Sundara but have been reading about some issues lately…

If you look used the lcd 2 is around the 700 dollar mark imo

Darn, look for a used edition xx or the edition x v2

Pretty meh imo, sound was ok, fit wasn’t great though, they are almost a clone of the quad era-1, which I did enjoy

What issues?

I will look used for lcd2 and or edition xx… As for the alara, I was curious… Sundara= problems with one side or the other quitting. whole thing quitting and or falling apart… Now that does not mean that would happen to me but just thought I would mention it. Is the cable for the Sundara as janky as the other hifimans I have seen?

not my experience at all… pretty solid build quality and no driver issues… qc has been pretty decent and I think a point of concern successfully addressed by hifiman in recent revisions… also I believe it was made to pair with an Asgard 3 so your good there :+1:

cable is a soft rubber that doesn’t jank whatsoever… really nice cable

I’ve really only seen the first run units have this issue, otherwise their qc has been very good imo. Older hifiman is way more janky

Just thought I would mention because I happened to see it on Amazon …most within the past year. I was a little worried as I have heard many good things about the Sundara and both Josh and Zeos love it as well…

You really want to wait for your Helios headphones before you go for other headphones Jetman.