Upgrade from ES100

I’m looking for a replacement for the Earstudio ES100 with better ambient mode, ideally with some form of noice cancellation and an ambient more that adapts to surroundings noise level. I’m using the ES100 on a motorcycle…

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noise cancellation is entirely based on the headphones / IEM…not the DAC/Amp you use.

to do this affordably, getting IEM’s that have good noise isolation is what you want to look for. the Etymotic’s (all of them) are known for having really good noise isolation.


Agreed. Etymotic IEMs are well known for sealing amazingly.

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Apologies if I didn’t make myself clear. I’m not concerned about sound isolation (my Ultimate Ears custom are great for that), but noise awareness. I don’t want to be cut off from traffic noise entirely when riding the bike. Because the amount of wind and engine noise increases with the speed of a motorcycle, if I set the Earstudio fine at low speed, ambient noise becomes too strong when going fast, and vice-versa.
Hence my quest to find a high-def bluetooth receiver and amp with an integrated microphone, which would vary the sensitivity to ambient sounds based on the sound level.


I didn’t feel like creating a new thread for just this.

Does anyone know of a good single ended (only) alternative to the ES100? I need something that’s just as compact with bluetooth. There’s plenty on amazon. But I imagine most of them aren’t great.

I think this might be one of the ones Z uses to power his SHPs…this or the TaoTronics version. Doesn’t have an app, and probably can’t drive anything remotely demanding, but might work in a pinch.

That could work. But I was hoping there’d be something a bit higher quality than Mpow lol

After doing some research, I think is probably my best option

Yeah, I was blanking, as I thought the BTR3 had 2.5mm balanced. They did add that for the BTR3K…